[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2022! Dunes of Eburu

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. well... if we are doing halloween event pics ;)

    so pretty, wish we could make this in survival xD

    hedgehog khixan meets khixan

    there is one imposter among us

    chickeneer becomes australian
  2. =D Got me a herd of goats!
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  3. Here we go again. Another fun time at the Beautiful Halloween Build and this time we have a bunch of piggies! =D

    Hmmmm.. which one is not like the others? xD

  4. Just a quick reminder that event access is guaranteed until end of day November 13th. After that access is subject to being removed (i.e. it'll be removed whenever Chickeneer gets around to turning it off).

    So if you haven't done the event or gotten the new promos from the event or from the Halloween Candy drop, you got a little over 80 hours to get it done. :)
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  5. Just finished the event, huge props to everyone involved. The builds are amazing and really well done! Had a blast. That hard trivia kicked my butt!