Empire Auction Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'Auctions' started by Krysyy, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. I would suggest selling it rather then auction in game."I have a slight used escd for sale 50k " or whatever you want to say.
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  2. When it comes to items that originate from EMC events, close attention needs to be paid to the exceptions post this thread (Post #2). If it not listed as a promotional item or a special event item, it needs to be given an exception within the post itself in order to qualify for auction. EffinBatman is correct in saying it's not a valid auction but it is because it has not been given an explicit exception that qualifies the item for auction, not because you do not have a DC.

    In fact, according to a post by BlackKnigh1021 here, nothing has been decided on the terms in which the Blizz Ard nose can be auctioned off.
  3. You are correct. The only thing that has been decided currently is they are not allowed to be auctioned.
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  4. I have a question, when inviting staff into a PM concerning an auction would I invite 1 (or all) of the senior staff or the community manager?
  5. It is best to invite 2-3. Just to make sure one of them gets it.
  6. ok thank you

  7. I would try and invite the mods you see online. You can always invite me and I'll handle it as soon as I can ( I check forums every hour )
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  8. awesome thanks, just invited you. As far as I can tell it should be a quick resolution to the issue
  9. Didn't see it if its on the thread. How long does a auction host have after auction is over to respond to the winner?
  10. Generally within 48 hours.
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  11. Thanks, AmusedStew for the quick reply. I won a auction on Thursday and haven't heard a word from the Host.
    Maybe there on vacation!
  12. Or they overlooked it. My advice would be to sent them a PM ('start new conversation') and ask them about delivery. If you get any response there as well then its time to get staff involved. Usually its easiest to invite a moderator to the conversation.
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  13. Life can interfere as well. If a life crisis happened to either myself or someone I was very close to, EMC would be the last thing I'd be thinking about. I was actually in one of those life crisis moments a couple weeks back and I'm so glad I didn't go through on auctioning off a DC of redstone dust like I planned to the previous Sunday. Delivery within 48 hours would have been difficult.

    Send the PM saying you wanted to check in regarding the status of the items to be picked up. If there's a nonresponse in 48 hours or the auction hosts says something to the effect of "jump off a cliff somewhere", that would be the time to get staff involved.

    Until that happens, cut the benefit of the doubt. The 48 hour rule, imo, isn't a hardfast rule but merely a standard to fall back on in case the party hosting the auction decides to throw it to the wayside and ignore it. Even Krysyy said IRL comes before EMC. so if something did happen which rendered the host unable to deliver promptly I'm sure there's a good reason behind it.
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  14. All good here! Left post on there profile, than started a conversation, they replied that they had a problem IRL.
    Things happen to me too. I do understand. Thanks for yalls help.
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  15. Now that's a great attitude! Thank you!
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  16. I'm currently a owner of Eviltoade' Head, but i want to change that.
    Now i read that i need to have atlest 53 Head in order to auction off a single staff head?
    I kinda don't see the point farming 53 other heads to just sell one Staff Members Head, do i really need to do that?
  17. Yes, Staff member heads are treated the same as any other head, unless stated otherwise.
  18. Oh man there goes my week trying to get a bunch of player heads.
    Thanks for you help!
  19. I may have a lot of extra heads from PvP... I put a bunch in a chest for you at 12500 on smp6. :)
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