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  1. It may have been permitted at one point. In the third thread NathanRP listed a quote from what I would assume to be the current rules on wool saying they can be mixed. With the exception of the first thread, the others threads were started around that time period.

    It's possible they changed the rules since then, but it appears that such auctions were permissible at one point this year.
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  2. Hence my original question:
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  4. I have a suggestion, on one hand because I somewhat messed up a bit (commenting on an old auction) but on the other because that auction also made me wonder about a possible exploit.

    I'm wondering if it would be useful to require that auction holders make an "end post" in which they announce the winner of the auction. That way everyone can determine if the auction was actually held fairly. A new player could overlook some forum rules, but not the entire community. So you could call this way for the community to check up on auctions as well. That and being able to immediately see that an auction is actually over.

    I messed up with an auction which ran for 48hours after the original post, this was posted on the 6th of April. Because there were no most posts after one bid I wrongly assumed it was still ongoing and commented that the auction should be over. That was the stupid part on my end.

    But then I wondered who had won. Two people posted on the 6th of April, one on the 7th and there is no way to determine anymore if that was or wasn't within 48 hours of the original post.

    I'm sure all went well, but theoretically an auction holder could have gone for the highest bid even if it fell just outside the auction limit while handling everything in PM. So basically tell one person that he won and send the message and ignore the other. I can well imagine that a bidder could overlook such a thing, and when he looks back at a time when the timestamps are no longer visible it would also be impossible for him to determine if he really lost.

    IMO such a mandatory closing post would add a bit more transparency to the auctions as well as another fail save. And as said, I also think it makes it easier to quickly determine that an auction has actually ended.
  5. If you hover your mouse over the post you can see the timestamp. It is adjusted to your local time.
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  6. I didn't know that! I'lł definitely have to try that out next time I'm on my pc, thanks!
  7. The rules need to be updated to reflect the newest promo. :)
  8. I don't think I can remember the rules!!!
  9. That's why we have shortcuts.

    I kid you not: when I started doing auctions I had one tab opened with the link I mentioned here, and the other with my new post. Just to make sure everything worked out ok.

    Remembering the rules is can be somewhat pointless where auctions are concerned. The important thing is knowing where to find them so you can look them up.
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  10. do enchanted tools/armor promos have to be at full durability?
  11. Yes.
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  12. then good bye auction
  13. You can still auction it in game, if you are up for that.
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  14. I have a question. Effinbatman just closed an auction that was offering a blizz ard nose, because it's "considered a mob drop and has to be auctioned off in DC quantity." If this is true, then shouldn't Marlix items and the Momentus Toothpick also be considered "mob drops"? That would make a couple other currently existing auctions invalid.
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  15. The Marlix and Momentus items are enchanted, and enchanted items are allowed to be auctioned. :)
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  16. yeah, but i'd have to hop on smps, and the ones that DO come aren't gonna know i'm still advertising and are gonna leave since they'll get bored. i've ever done an ingame auction so offer solutions if you want.
  17. The Blizz Ard nose is shiny, is it not? I just think the rule is kind of ridiculous. No one is ever going to have a DC of Blizz Ard noses.
  18. Shiny =/= enchanted.
  19. I know that. I'm just saying it obviously isn't just a regular mob drop and I think an exception should be made for it. I'm not interested in buying/selling one, but I would imagine they might be somewhat more difficult to sell in game.
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