Empire Auction Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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  1. Thanks! So after the time runs out i can just ask to close it if i dont want it to go on anymore! Thanks again!
  2. Hello krysyy.

    Just wondering, the first restriction says Non-EMC items but the next box says standard mc items are allowed. What are the non-EMC items?

    And if I may make a suggestion, I would move Not Special Dirt to the top of the list and any other banned items that may come along to the top (or have a banned section). That way ppl can see straight away that it is banned or not then move down the list for quantities, extra restrictions on the other items.
  3. Things that are not on the game of minecraft at all is what that is directed towards OR things like 1.8 items that are not yet ON emc. We had some issues with some players trying to auction Steam Games for example, through our website. That sort of thing is not allowed.

    As for your request, yeah I can move it. =)
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  4. Ahh, I wouldn't have even thunk it. But I suppose some see this as a good way to flog non-mc stuff.

    And it was just a suggestion from another ocd mc player. :)
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  5. What is a bump?
  6. It's basically a post intended to bring the thread up to the top of the "most recent" list.
  7. Elfin is exactly right here Bratcraft - just a note also that "bump" stands for "bring up my post" :)
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  8. Okay thanks you guys I was always confused when I saw in an auction the word "bump" and thanks to you helpful friends I know now what I didn't know then thanks again! :D
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  9. I second this for sure. 216 horses x 4 stats means I'd need to write out 864 lines of specific information to make 2k rupees...
    Even if I could just list it as 216 of the worst stat per DC, that would be fine.
  10. Another arbitrary rule that probably made sense when it was made, this is now just a stupid rule that needs to be appended. Surely, this is as important as coming up with a new Player Build contest for St. Patrick's Day. Auctions should be allowed as long as they list the minimum or maximum stats for the given batch of horse eggs. That should be enough info for bidders to make an informed decision about whether they want to bid or not.
  11. I do somewhat agree with not having to list every single stat ish, however... If you append this rule you'd have to append the same rule as it applies to enchanted items also. If I have, like in kev's example, 216 enchanted items with 4 stats each means I'd need to write out 864 lines lines of specific info to get back a low k's worth of rupees if they was all low level enchanted items.

    What I do propose is that with the sign advances we have now that if we were allowed to setup [Preview] signs on the DCs of an auction lot of items and stated that items are all preview-able in the OP of the auction... Wouldn't this take care of letting a person seeing all the item stats to make an informed decision before bidding on the lot?

    Granted the DCs should be easily found. I wouldn't want to hunt them down on a res. They should be readily accessible at a landing point to be viewed.

    That's all I got to say about that...
  12. There are always only three horse stats (four if you consider color). It is much more reasonable to put general bounds on horses vs enchanted items. Because enchanted have no minimum enchant requirements, you would still have to list all enchants in order to accurately portray the contents of an auction.
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  13. I've re-read the rules a few times and there's one thing still puzzling me (it seems this is puzzling more people, so I'm fairly sure I didn't overlook it):

    Is it allowed to combine items as long as they all meet the minimum required amount?

    For example; I have Enderpearls which are a common item, thus the minimum amount is one DC. But I also have a beacon and a nether star to sell, which can be auctioned in any quantities.

    Would it be allowed to hold an auction which consists of one beacon, one nether star and one DC of Enderpearls?

    So, all those 3 items rolled together in one auction which obviously meets the rest of the rules (start bid, minimum bid increase, etc.).
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  14. Yes, you can put them all into one auction. As long as the minimum requirements are met and all items are listed, you're good to go! :)
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  15. So as long as the posting requirements is met, could I put this stuff into 1 auction: 1 DC stone, 1 DC of oak logs, 1 DC of cobble?
  16. Yes, you can do this :)
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  17. What about armor, specifically the worn armor. Could I put any quantity of diamond armor, helmut, chestplate, leggings and boots whether it is enchanted or not? Thanks
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  18. Armor and tools must have full durability.

    You cannot mix armor types. You also cannot mix enchanted/not enchanted items in the same DC.
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  19. so you are saying it has to be a DC of chestplates?
  20. Ayups, see this post.

    So; to pick up the original question: regular armor types can be auctioned but only in quantities of one full double chest. So one DC of leggings, one DC of chests, etc.

    Enchanted items can be auctioned off in any amount but you'd need to clearly specify all the applied enchantments.
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