Empire Auction Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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  1. Thanks. That is what I was asking.
  2. What about Taste the Freedom Steaks? On their own page they are listed as being promotional, but hey aren't under "Promotional Items."
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  3. Fixed, that page needed some love
    Just to clarify, it is a Special Mob Drop, not a promotional item.
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  4. But a special mob that is part of a promotion, not just a consistently available special mob.
  5. Reread what I typed. It's a special mob DROP, not a special mob.
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  6. Ok, I mispoke. What I really meant to say was this is a "SPECIAL mob drop," meaning a special drop from a common mob. It's still only available during a promotion (unless people know something I don't), which is what I was getting at
    and which would make it a "promotional item" in my mind. I guess it's just semantics.
  7. Promotional items are items made available to the community via the /promo command particularly and sometimes only /shop (like the Book Of Colors) to celebrate or commemorate something. The Freedom Steak was not available via /promo or /shop and was only available as a Mob Drop. Even though it was part of a promotion technically, it wasn't actually a promotional item as it wasn't available in the normal promotional means and it was only dropped by mobs, so hence being a special mob drop. I hope this clears it up a bit. :)
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  8. The real question is the quantity in which items on the "Custom Items" lists can be auctioned. I do find it interesting that Taste the Freedom can be auctioned individually while Cooked Turkey has a minimum of 5 stacks. That, along with the Dragon Stone Fragment minimum quantity is a bit high. These minimums don't generally give newer players the ability to acquire these items through auctions as the eventual winning bid price is too steep. On a different note, Avalauncher doesn't need to be listed separately in the auction rules as it's able to be auctioned in any quantity, so it's already covered under the rule for "Certain EMC Custom Items".
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  9. Is reporting an auction to close it still valid? If it still is then I'd like to suggest to include this in the 'rules for auction hosts' post, that might make it easier to find. If this isn't valid anymore then I've obviously overlooked something else.
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  10. Staff will close it for you and move it to the archive eventually, so I'm not sure if it's necessarily required anymore... I usually report my auctions after I've finished them though anyway, I suppose that makes it easier for staff. You're right though, I haven't seen it listed, unless I've missed it too!
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  11. Like FDNY21 said the staff will close it and archive it eventually and reporting it isn't required but personally I do report it so it get's cleared to archive sooner and does not clutter up the current ongoing auction list. It's not required in the rules of an auction but it was suggested in post #23 of this thread by krysyy in response to uber_corq and she said "You report it with the reason auction over, etc.". My personal report reason is "Please close - Auction proceeding are complete.". :)
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  12. I read through this thread and forgive me if I missed the answer, but just to clarify- as far as full double chest quantities go, does it have to be items of the same type? Would I be able to auction of a double chest that is full of a mix of redstone blocks and lapis blocks or would it have to to be full of just either one.
  13. It would have to be full of one. Execption to mixing item only come in for enchanted or special item. All vanilla minecraft items must be a double chest of that item. Wool and clay however, even though they must be full DCs of the item can be different colors
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  14. Alrighty thank you very much!
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  15. I have a question now. With past precedence's set at being able to auction full DCs of wool, glass or clay in different colors in the same DC. I haven't seen this yet but what about wood? Can you auction a full DC of wood if you have 18 stacks of Birch, 18 stacks of Oak and 18 stacks of say Spruce in the same DC. If not, please explain why. Thank you in advance.
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  16. Anyone have an answer or opinion on this? Cause... I bet if I open an auction in community auctions with the above configured DC of wood... Everyone will have an opinion then. :p
  17. Mixed item stacks auctions are currently disallowed (including wool, wood, stained glass etc).
  18. There were a couple of mixed Wool auctions in February. When did it change for Wool?
  19. Were they at least a DC per color? If so that was fine.
  20. Actually I see a Wool auction posted on March 5.