Empire Auction Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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  1. We discussed this possibility, but at the moment they are disallowed completely.
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  2. Is there a way to officially "close" an auction thread once it's complete? Or do we just let them drift off into Never Never Land, hoping that no one bumps it a year later?
  3. You report it with the reason auction over, etc.
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  4. It's been mentioned by bloodra1n several times that blind auctions are not allowed, can this be clarified and added to the rules if so?
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  5. What do you mean by blind auction?
  6. storage war-type deals
  7. Technically a mystery auction, not blind, but auctions of chests of unknown contents.
  8. Just a little nitpicking, in the rules for auctioning regular items it's stated:

    I think it would be a little more clear to put: "They must be auctioned off in full double chest quantities." This to avoid people (read me) trying to auction 11⅓ double chests (which is a double chest quantity, but not a full double chest quantity).
  9. I can add in the full comment to clarify.
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  10. what about selling a dc of horse eggs? do you still need to list every stat?
  11. Yes it says that:
    Horse Eggs 

    Horse eggs can be auctioned off with a minimum quantity of 10. You must list every horse's info, including speed, health, jump, and type.
  12. thank you! i read that also, but i was just hoping those rules didnt apply when you are selling a high quantity of horses
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  13. I don't think this was answered...
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  14. Horse eggs ought to be allowed to be auctioned by listing the minimum stats for the lot of eggs (ie. All horses are Speed 90+, Health 95+, etc.), just like many people do in Player Shops. It's insane that you would have to list every single horse's stats when auctioning a high volume. People who aren't comfortable bidding without knowing every stat can then just refrain from bidding, and time will show people who list horse eggs in such a fashion whether they get satisfactory bidding volume.
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  15. Is there another post in which this was answered? If possible I'd like to hear the ruling on this. In a recent auction i have seen this happen. A bidders post was missed because it was not readily seen and subsequent bidders did not take that bid into account. Personnally i think the bid should be the first thing posted (to the left hand side) in a vivble color before comments or graphics are added to a post. Thank you in advance for any guidance provided.
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  16. how do i start a auction?
  17. what if your auctions ending time is "X amount of hours after the last valid bid" and no one bids in that time, does that make the auction over? Or does it go on forever?
  18. You have few options when this happens first being you /report asking staff to close it or starting a convo with one of he staff online and asking him/her to change the starting bid by lowering it.
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