EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

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  1. Sorry, I din't know how to do that yet, I don't use this site often. Also, rainbow, I did it 'cuz I don't care :3
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  2. Aww yissss!
    Time to sing the national anthem of New Zanada and Ameriustrialia :p
    Of, course, muffin...
    If you were unable to get a special firework during this promo, we've decided to leave up the 20K rupee /shop fireworks up until Friday, July 12th, 2013. Make sure you get one by then if you want one, because these will NOT be for sale ever again after Friday, except via other players!
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  4. I thought I saw a piece of paper in the vault-like promo thingy...Anyone cares to tell me what was written on that piece o' paper? I forgot to check, and now I'm curious :(
  5. It's the instructions to claim one.
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  6. At first I thought it was a treasure voucher >_<
    Then I was able to read it. :p
  7. Happy 4th and 5th! :D, and also /promo isnt working ;/
  8. Because it's over, you can only buy them now...
  9. And you wonder why some people have no money...
  10. Yeah, true story here...With all these nice things going on, I'll never reach 100k again...
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  11. You have to buy them at /shop now that you can't get them for free anymore.
  12. What can I do to obtain one of those fine as hell instructions? I'll do twice what I'll do for a Klondike bar (Intense).
  13. Hope the tea tax is on them :p
  14. FYI, We have over 60,000 Members.
  15. I got permanently banned. I will not be able to get for over a year. will my /promo get reset and will I be able to use /promo iday in a year?
  16. No. It's called punishment. You got banned, so you lose everything.
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  17. Does that mean i lose my /promo iday info?
  18. If you are permanently banned, you're likely never to get onto the servers again, unless you successfully appeal your ban.

    The ./promo iday is a special command and won't be around forever, it's a one time thing.