EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

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    If you were unable to get a special firework during this promo, we've decided to leave up the 20K rupee /shop fireworks up until Friday, July 12th, 2013. Make sure you get one by then if you want one, because these will NOT be for sale ever again after Friday, except via other players!

    Hey EMC! We've just pushed an update that has updated the /shop to now include 1.5 items as well as the enchant books for items. You can find all the items in their appropriate section that you would find them via the creative menus.

    Also, for the celebration of Independence Day for America today, we've created a new Rare Firework called the "Independence Day Firework". It shoots a random effect off each time and uses the colors of red, white, and blue. It is also soulbound. As we know there are some players who aren't in America or may not care to have one of these, we also have an "Empire Firework" available during this time as well which is also soulbound and random effects, but also features all the colors as well.

    Every player during this time can use the code: /promo iday to pick one of the fireworks for free per account. If you would like more than the one you'll get for free, you can visit /shop until the promotion is up and purchase as many as you'd like for 20,000 rupees each. Once the promotion is over, the ONLY way to get one of these items will be via the player market place if another player decides to sell/auction them.

    This promotion will be available until Sunday at around midnight Eastern time.

    Thank you and enjoy!
  2. FIRST
    Now to read the thread

    And /promo doesn't work :(
  3. :eek: Awesome! Course I'll need to earn some rupees first to buy moreā€¦
  4. Muricaaaa
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  5. /promo isnt working
  6. Give us about 5 minutes to push it and it will be live. :)
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  7. Happy July 5th!
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  8. Im so very excited I just cant wait hehe logging in now :D
  9. Wewt!!!!!!!!! :D

    Here you go :)
  10. I accidentally claimed an Empire Firework D;
  11. Happy 4th and 5th!
  12. This looks awesome! :D

    So does soulbound just mean you can't give it to other players?
  13. It means it doesn't drop upon death.
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  14. Thanks very much! ^^

  15. I approve.
    These will /vault safely, right?
  16. bought extras of both *auctioning when they are worth alot :) *
  17. .__________________________________________________________________.

  18. Yes, they work fine with vault. :D (I've already tested it with mine.)