EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

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  1. if i was you guys i d be happy for what IS not umm "complaining" for what isnt btw i took a july 4 independence one, im not american tho is that bad?
  2. Why would it be bad? :p
    I'm not American either, and took one ^_^
  3. Was I the only one who wanted the instructions so badly I tried to claim them?
    I would still trade my firework for the instructions...
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  4. You aren't alone...
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  5. I tried too :p Only a few items like it xD
  6. take 1 of them, the choice is permanent no way back
  7. I love the independence day fireworks. I got that one free and then purchased the empire one. They're in my dispensers and are awesome! Thank you!
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  8. ....but did you click or shift-click in inventory to try and remove something??? still sad, sniff, sniff. ;)
  9. You have to type /promo iday
  10. The update wasn't live at that point.
  11. This is where my alts come in handy... :p Happy Iday everyone. (3 days late but...)
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  12. I now have 2 of each, the original Empire Firework, new empire fire work which I traded tehcodpwnzor, the iday form the promo, and I traded my head for a second iday firework :D
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  13. Nice work guys. Keep it up!

  14. erm, why's that in the post? :confused:
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  15. in the post in the post? :p
  16. No idea what u mean :/
  17. Speaking of Cows... Spidercow powers, activate! :D
  18. /\ Referring to cows go mov
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  20. lol, derp
    The image in your post
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