EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

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  1. ICC!!! I need to get one!!! But I am not at home nor can I use any computer!!! Is there a way to work something out?? I can not get on till about Tuesday!!! :/ anyway?? Something I would appreciate it!!!
  2. Awesome!
  3. And all the people with 6 alts shout "Wahoo!"

    Hey I have 2 accounts and I'll take the 2 fireworks for free and be happy :)
  4. Happy 4 July
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  5. happy forth(yesterday) of july to all americans here from hungary
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  6. image.jpg
    Happah 2013th brithday amurica! Can't buleive you have made it SOO longe as a coontry.


    (Hope this gave you a good laugh :D )
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  7. If you ever warned to is it possible to sell them?
  8. Yes, you can sell them.
  9. Thanks
  10. Fixed. ;P
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  11. is the /promo iday working?
    cuz i cant get 1 in the wild
    please react
  12. Awesome! Free Stuff! :)
  13. That's odd, it worked when my cousin was in the wastelands and got his.
  14. It's definitely working. I've already gotten mine so I can't test it, but try using the command in Town. :)
  15. Jackā€¦ You know what you have to add to the guide.
  16. I kinda called this sort of in a different thread :p
  17. Disclaimer for people who are buying these for monetary purposes: The Empire Firework (first released 2012 New Years) will be used again in 2013 New Years and 2014 July 4th, as well as The IDF will be in 2014 July 4th also.

    But each year it will have different lore. So it's still limited edition in that you can only get it during limited time periods, but do not consider the FEATURES "never going to be obtainable again".
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  18. No. What are they teaching our children these days? (And I'm 11... But I do live in Canada, soo...)
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  19. I'm so lucky the hotel computer allowed access for me to get on Minecraft to get it.