EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

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  1. :p I basically use my friends account for an alt onEMC. If he gets on and is angry, oh well, I'll give it to him
  2. We totally need a Canada Day Firework!
  3. "Is their a Fourth of July for Canada?"
    "Of course! It's in between the 3rd and the 5th!"
  4. :D YES, I want more, but am at 9,000r :'C
  5. Ah, I had trouble - my inventory was full when I tried this then I tried to remove unwanted things, then it said "promo claimed" and I got nothing. sniff. Help?

  6. Haha lol,
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  7. Chose the 4th of July Fireworks :p:cool:
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  8. That is seriously the scariest minecraft thing I have ever seen.
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  9. But why the "come at me bro" ?
  10. Glad I have 2 Accounts so i have 2 :D
  11. I'm not sure what option has been set in place in the case of a full inventory, in the past items have been automatically funneled into the players vault in these circumstances, so a check in there would be my first suggestion.
  12. It's coded to not mark as claimed in this case.

    I just tested and it says full inventory and im still able to open the promo.
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  13. I just tested if I can do on minechat... You might want to put a warning out, I can't connect to any servers with it at all now...
  14. promo has absolutely nothing to do with connecting.

    all doing promo on minehat would do would send the chest open command but mindchat would ignore it.
  15. Should have had a Canada fire work too
  16. Yes from the Netherland
  17. This is when having bought an Alt is worth it.
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  18. Sniff...What about Canada...Sniff
  19. Canada Day Count: 4.
  20. We are based in the US so we will primary support US holidays - However, We are still trying to consider the non Americans too :) The Empire Firework is meant for the non Americans.

    It would not be possible to support every countries Holidays, sorry.
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