EMC Update: Rare Fireworks & /Shop Update

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by IcecreamCow, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Yes.
  2. Darn it.
  3. Not too true though, it will more than likely be back next year, with a 2014 edition firework :)
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  4. Meh İm on a vacation and İm not able to play MC so sadly İ cant get a free firework :(

    [Edit] My bad İ missed it on the 4th :p Anyways İ have 2 or 3 of the orignal 2013 fireworks :D
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  5. Well, there's only 3 total :)
  6. True, but it will most likely be a different design, or something else.. We don't know what Mojang has up their sleeves... :p
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  7. :confused:?
  8. 3 fireworks.
  9. Do you mean 3of the original ones or 3 types?
  10. 3 types.
    • New Years Empire Firework
    • Independence Day Firework
    • Indepedence Day Edition Empire Firework
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  11. just a note, I can't update to 1.6. I don't know how.
  12. Download the new launcher maybe?
  13. İ see :)
  14. So pretty...