EMC Update: Derelict Unclaims

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  1. As a lot of you know, a while ago Sr. Staff and above started taking requests for doing unclaims of properties that are derelict for them to claim. As we've continued to grow, these requests have come to a point where doing them as small favors sometimes can take up a few hours of time from Sr. Staff+ to work. We've even had some instances where we'd do them for the same players multiple times a month and would unclaim residences they recently just had us unclaim for them. Long story short, it's been madness, haha. A downfall for this has also been it can sometimes take a considerable amount of time to meet with a player due to time differences.

    Well, we've changed the way we're doing unclaims by putting them in the hands of the players. Sr. Staff+ will no longer be taking requests to do these which will free up a lot more time to handle actual reports that need time. Claiming a residence that's not taken will, as always be free. If you see a residence you want that's currently occupied and is available (the owner has gone past their derelict stage), you will be able to claim it on the spot for 5,000 Rupees as long as you have a free residence slot to claim. If you have the maximum amount of allowed residences, you will need to unclaim one in order to claim a new one using this feature.

    The command to do this is "/res forceclaim". It should also tell you this when you "/res info" a res and it is available to take.

    Another addition to this, is we bumped the amount of time anyone has to be derelict to be eligible for an unclaim from 10 days to 15 days. :)

    EDIT: We had a post about updating the shop with Enchant books with this update. Unfortunately, it didn't go out correctly, and will be a little bit longer for the books while we work hard on getting 1.6 EMC Ready!
  2. Cool :D I like enchanted books but the 5000r thing... I don't think people are going to like that.
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  3. Great that this will make it more convenient :) However, is it set up so that if a player has requested the derelict policy to hold off on them while they're on vacation or whatever, will that block someone from claiming there residence? Also, what about new players who want to get a res by their friend who invited them to EMC but doesn't have the 5k needed?
  4. Very nice. Mostly excited by the enchanted books. ^.^
  5. Thanks for the update. I thought derelict residences already were auto reclaimed. It happened to me a couple times.
  6. Thank God.
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  7. I love this new feature!
    Kind of annoying it costs 5000r but oh well it's not too steep :D
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  8. Very nice update. Anything that helps the staff have more time to help and be awesomesauce is good. I just hope that the rich players don't unclaim every inactive residences on all the servers.
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  9. Most are eligible to be unclaimed but the way the system works, it doesnt always unclaim them if they arent needed for new members.
  10. This is awesome! :D But you forgot to mention that /p now says how long until you're derelict!
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  11. They do have to have a free residence in order to use this feature. For example, I consider myself well off, but all my res's are claimed (i think)
  12. oh you caught that did ya?
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  13. 5k seems a little low, if a neighbor was really after your lot, they could ninja your lot away from you. Maybe if the first week of being a "derelict" lot it would cost 10k, just so it would deter people a little more from claiming their neighbors immediately.
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  14. 1. You would probably need to contact SR.Staff and they would do some command to keep others from claiming your res.
    2. Just hope your friend saved for you haha! You would probably have to live at their place for a while.
  15. Also, just realized spawn plots are now up for grabs :)
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  16. Hehe, I can see alot of great looking plots that are derelict disappearing now, but nonetheless it is a good step towards a more active neighborhood community
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  17. Best way to stop this...LOG IN =P Or become a supporter for protection
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  18. I can't find the enchanted books in /shop! I looked behind the swords/armor and tools, and it still says cannot be bought. Checked on multiple servers... Is it not implemented yet?
  19. Im'a claim JustinGuy's Res o3o