EMC Show Yourself Thread 2023

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MoreMoople, Dec 31, 2022.

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  1. Yoo its 2023! :eek:

    I will not be giving any context to this photo, enjoy :rofl: :lmao:
  2. fre sha vaca do
  3. why dit no 1 tell me
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  4. Lovely. :D
  5. Long overdue post but my EMC time has been encroached lately by this little lady, named Klara. On this photo about 5 months old shown here while eating her first porridge meal in all her glory.

    Unfortunately we lost our 14-year old dog, our little queen Tulsa, since last time I posted.

    but then again we got this wonderful loving energizer-bunny of a dog, Puzzle, as a replacement. The dogs likes to lie next to my chair while I play EMC and quite often literally on my feet under the table.

    Puzzle (m) to the left and Stewie (f) to the right.
  6. Stewie's head is missing :eek::eek:
  7. Perhaps this picture of them both with their heads will suffice, albeit taken new year's eve dec-22, when they are demanding tribute from the left-overs before it is put into the fridge.

    Stewie (f) on the left and Puzzle (m) on the right.

  8. From a camping trip earlier in the year and zoomed in quite a bit (reason for blurr)

  9. Just me leading and organizing my County's first Pride celebration!
  10. Spot the difference.

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  11. picture 2 monkey
    picture 1 alfa male
  12. Going to the Saints game on Sunday :eek:

    First Pro game of any sport I've been to!!!

  13. Hey Sefl, glad you're back and feeling better! :D
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  14. looking good self and happy
    your 100% waht i exspected
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  15. Loving My NEW Hat might be on 2 snaps cause of my big head :oops: BUT IT FITS!

  16. great hat looks great also u have a good looking door
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  17. new turtle who dat
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  18. This is me! I'm 21 and I'm logging back on to Empire Minecraft 8 years later. From Middle School, to trying to earn CNA/GNA in college. I never truly left Minecraft, and have played since 2011. Long Live DIGGY DIGGY HOLE!
  19. Oops, when I saw '8 years later' I thought it meant you joined in 2013... :rolleyes:

    Good to see you!
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  20. How is this topic version 2024 coming along? ;)
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