EMC Show Yourself Thread 2022

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. I believe it, because I don't recognise your face. :p
    Cool picture all the same. :)
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  2. Long time no see for a lot of people:cool: may or may not have changed a little:confused: Hope you’re all keeping well! Long hair on a windy day is actually vile, would not recommend..
  3. Ok. This is my 2022 image I just took tonight. Please be kind. :) Also, I haven't had a haircut since about a year ago when we all had to come into the office. I remote work right now, for the last 2 years.

  4. Valentines night pictured here with my best friends brother
  5. That's a lot of hair!
    Good luck with the weather in the days to come, then...
  6. That's a lot of hair!
    Good luck with the weather in the days to come, then...
    Oh wow, beautiful!
    Looking good. :D
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  7. Heya everyone. I suppose it's time for a 2022 entry...

    Yikes, my headphones look real scuffed.

  8. No need for filters when your mirror is covered in grubby fingerprints. One culprit is hiding in the background.

  9. Hey its Poof!
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  10. And hidden well, it took me a while to find her. :p (or him, perhaps, hard to tell, and even then I might be mistaken :p)
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  11. After a year of growing my hair (cause I'm to lazy to go get it cut) I feel your pain on the wind. lol. Ya definitely look different with short hair vs long hair. Looks good dude.
  12. guys i met uma thurman fr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i was very nervous!!)

  13. Oh hey there. Been a while. Thought I should share a Cami update for those who don't get to see them on the facebook.

    Everyone, meet Luka

  14. Amazing picture. :D
  15. sorry for the photo so quickly after but we got our random family photo session back and I had to share one of them
  16. After finishing my undergraduate degree in 2019 and having my graduation ceremony postponed twice because of COVID, I finally had the chance to celebrate :D

  17. I very much appreciate your appreciation for the Rockies.
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  18. Rockies family buddy!
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  19. Hey, congrats. :D Didn't you previously celebrate on EMC, though? ;)
    Nice picture!
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  20. I mean I did get to celebrate in game, but it's not quite the same as real life :p
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