EMC Show Yourself Thread 2022

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. wow big pic. From this summer :p
  2. It's like I'm staring into your soul... (and for those who are curious, that is a Dragonball photo of Goku and his various Super Saiyan transformations on the left and a map of the Tamriel region of Skyrim on the right)
  3. oh no... posty is gone!? :(
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  4. as per tradition, i upload a photo on my birthday.. if you've seen this photo before, shh you haven't.
    i just really can't do a new selfie right now. it has been a bad time. love you emc.

  5. Yay for batmeghs still being around! :D
  6. NYE Outfit of this year, technically taken last year but worn for the transition into this year. Does that count?

    For all those who I haven't spoken to yet, happy new year!

  7. i done seent that photo b4
  8. i done tolded you to shushhht
  9. Cool picture! :D
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  10. nice!
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  11. Happy New Year to everyone! Can't wait to see how everyone makes 2022 awesome.

  12. nice
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  13. Looks like a football card that you get at grocery stores. (Is that a thing where you live?)