[Dragon Tombs Exposed] Sharing the Knowledge with the community!

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How long have YOU been waiting for DragonTombs?

>3 Years 35 vote(s) 34.7%
3 Years 13 vote(s) 12.9%
2 Years 20 vote(s) 19.8%
1 Year 13 vote(s) 12.9%
<1 Year 20 vote(s) 19.8%
  1. I was browsing the forums, like I usually do. I stumbled upon some really cool, and interesting topics. If you even search "Dragon Tombs" in the forums search bar, I'm sure you can find even more than I found.

    They expose a lot of information on these links, most of which if you ask ANY staff currently, they will not give you an answer. But JOKES ON THEM! It's All already on the forums xD


    Even Aikar approves this info being sharable! http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/page-14#post-242934

    More info from Aikar: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/page-2#post-239799

    Some questions from Krysyyjane9191: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/page-5#post-239994

    Even More info from Aikar: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/page-5#post-240010

    Chickeneer shows what the portal looks like: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/page-8#post-240392

    You guys should give opinions on the info here, and discuss it. Dragon Tombs Hype is real, even though its been 'in the making' for 3 years. It 'should' come out eventually!

    My personal opinion, I think they should release it soon, because from the images they sent, it looks like they already built and know everything about it, so it Honestly Sounds done. Keep in mind, it was in 2012 that they 'already knew everything' about it. So in theory, If everything was already built then, and all the Same ideas were on the table then, What is the hold-up?

    When posting, keep in mind and unwanted drama/ fighting Will be removed. So Don't! :D
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  2. This is amazing; this thread deserves so much more attention for those complaining about Dragon Tombs 24/7 in-game. :)
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  3. I am kinda new to emc im not even a year old and i heard of this.
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  4. Wait for this thread to be closed :p xD
  5. theres no reason for it to be closed :p It is a discussion of the info they have already given us.
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  6. I have heard (and you most likely linked) that the actual arena is near-complete.
    I am willing to bet that they just need to actually implement the actual purpose of why we have it.

    Also, 1.9 will most likely introduce multiple dragon fights with the Ender Dragon. How will EMC deal with this?
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  7. I already knew about all of this stuff =p
  8. Please bear in mind that this information is... well old. Some still relevant, but for example I was not even a staff member yet at this point (similarly with krysyy).
    I have a good list of planned features/improvements, but none of which involve Dragon Tombs. As such, will not be directly answering any questions regarding the future of "Dragon Tombs".
    Although, as always, there is something more important to handle first so I believe the staff has avoided the subject to avoid any misleading hype.
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  9. But I am always being told the more important thing is Dragon Tombs (that and Frontier claiming).
    This sounds more like it has gone without attention since 2012...

    If that is so, 3 years without development is not a plan, and it isn't waiting on a priority list; it is a dropped project.
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  10. It is not my project to work on, is my point.
  11. I tend to feel, if they can't even keep the server up to date with the game updates, expecting things like this seems silly. My expectations are non existent that we will get most of the things they have been promising for years.
  12. Sorry, though I used your quote to make my point, I didn't mean to direct my point at you.
    It does sound like you might have some information for us, though. Are you aware of developments since you posted the screenshot of the portal?

    I am inclined to agree, but Aikar himself will tell you (if you can find him) that Dragon Tombs is still planned. If it's not, then that's not cool. I love EMC, but I hate being lied to. EMC is more than capable of attracting population, almost autonomously, without pretending to have features it doesn't.

    and if DT is real, and has not been forgotten since EMC's creation, then all of us are extremely curious.
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  13. *Cues the arguments*
    Right on time... Why can't we have a nice thread without arguments and it being blown out of proportion?
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  14. I'm sorry, but you know too much.We're going to have to kill you.
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  15. shun the nonbeleiver!
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  16. Since I posted that screenshot? No, I believe I was an Iron supporter at the time...
    Was stated based purely using the screenshot given in the first post of that thread.
    I would say it IS planned, but the staff has recently (for quite a while now), emphasized that there are other features that are more important. We are not lying, there is evidence that code has been written for the project. I will not share any specific details past that though.
  17. I'm sure that the plan was genuine when it was decided and announced. That doesn't mean that things don't change. Perhaps more was bitten off than could be chewed. Perhaps plans have changed. The point is, when a server can't be kept updated, there are bigger worries than dragon tombs.
  18. I can not argue with that logic ;)
  19. Very few large servers are 1.8. Most all servers (I have EMC, Mineplex, Hypixel, and Mindcrack in my server list) are still 1.7, but allow 1.8 to connect. It's not EMC's fault that we're not 1.8 yet. I'm not the best informed on this, but Bukkit is the problem here.

    But back to the thread: 2 1/2 years is a long time for all feature to be released. It's going to be a huge feature and (hopefully) attract lots of players. IMO it should be pushed higher in the priority list.
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