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  1. As we're getting closer to our dragon egg update, we've decided to let you in on a few more details on how it's going to work.

    There will be random portals placed throughout the wild. Each event will start upon entering the portal. Each event also requires a minimum of 5 people, but you may wish to bring more. After the event ends, each player will receive experience from the battle and a dragon egg.

    So that everyone gets a fair shot, the arena will be reset after each event. So, once one group is done, another group may enter the arena for a new event. You're not limited to how many events you can do, but you are limited to the number of eggs you can get per week.

    The arena/dragon fights will be very hard. You will want to bring a lot of friends with you and you will likely die, a lot. Your inventory upon entering is stashed away, and given back when you leave the arena, so you will only have access to the arena items during the events.

    Once the Event is complete, the portal you used to enter will go away. Also, portal locations will change at a regular period of time (to constantly keep them fresh in the wild). Finding a portal will be a difficult task in itself.

    We announced that we will be adding new features using dragon eggs. One that will launch with the dragon egg is a mass dirt removal tool. This will work only in town but MAY be added to the wild in the future if we feel it will fit.

    Then, in a future update, we will be adding the ability to claim land in the wild. It will require you to pay for the land with dragon eggs. There will also be other features added in the future that will consume eggs, so stock up on as many as you can if you plan to settle down in the wild and be ready for all future EMC updates!

    Summary of answered questions and finer details here - Thanks AlexChance
  2. First!!!

    Anyway, Awesome update. I like the added challenge of only being able to use the Arena's items.

    But I love the uses for the Dragon Eggs even more! I can't wait to find out more details.
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  3. First commenter!

    Aikar sent me!
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  4. This is just amazing. If anyone needs a team, comment on this post saying so. Then, we can fight this dragon!
    Team of 8 maybe...

    Anyways, 3rd post :)
  5. This looks epic!
    EDIT: although this looks a bit more cookie dough han french vanilla...
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  6. fuuuu.jpg
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  7. Sounds Awesome! Are you using Misas texture pack?
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  8. Well back to the wild. :D
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  9. Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up! What does claiming land do... Not sure I like this idea... I like that We'll all get a chance to fight the dragon though, this should be fun.
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  10. Wanted to be first. Too late. Too late
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  11. Got to go find my friends then... chase! Where r u? Ender butt kicking time.
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  12. I'd claim a land area, and create a mine like they have IRL. Massive pits of death! Teeheee
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  13. Excellent... Now who is going to sell me a dragon egg?
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  14. Oh heck yes.
    And they say the EMC staff 'don't make community based decisions'.
    This is awesome. I might need to stick around to secure meeself one of these.
  15. claiming land in the wild. :)
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  16. Wait so we fight each other? Fight monsters or fight the dragon?
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  17. Lets just call it dual commenters :)
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  18. It means that you can make a wild base and use a dragon egg to claim a chunk of that base (not sure on how big of space per egg yet) so that you can set permissions on who can be in/use your base. Basically 100% grief protection in the wild at a very high cost.
  19. That's freaking awesome!!!
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