[Discussion/Ongoing event] 2018 World Cup

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  1. You Scots are a cruel bunch. Can't say the English don't deserve it though.
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  3. I wasn't too bothered earlier this World Cup but when England won their second game the media was suddenly 'England are going to win this'. Coming second in their group the talk turned to England facing Brazil in the final ignoring the 3 games they still need to win.

    Anyway congrats the England breaking their penalty shoot out curse.
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  4. If they play like this against Croatia they have 0 chance. Sweden won't be an easy game at all, too.
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  5. Yep. That's why we deserve it. Win one game and suddenly every middle aged man is chanting about how they're going to see us win it twice in their lifetime and the media buys in on the 'it's coming home' joke and makes it serious. The idea of this miraculous English excellence is not just a thing with football, it's with everything - never seen a more overconfident country smh - we need the 'taking stuff down a peg' from our closest neighbours.
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  6. If you do win it, we will comedown next year, beat you and bring half of Wembley home like we did last time.
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  7. Well, I'm sitting at a comfy 4/8. Good to know that randomly guessing would have put me in the same position as I'm in now. :I
  8. I think I'm 1/8 but I'm not sure
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  9. I’m just glad Brazil is hanging on lol. I need that to stay true!
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  10. :’)
  11. Well, I'm basically out at this point. Thanks for hosting ;n;
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  12. Rest in peace Brazil.

    Played extremely well though. I fully expected Belgium to be gone this match but... Damn.
  13. If we have to play Belgium again meeting up in the final allow that
  14. It's interesting how it's basically turned into the Euro cup right now. :p

    Belgium - France is also interesting, curious what'll happen there. In like half of Belgium they actualltspeak French, so that's interesting, shouting in French that you want the French to lose. :p
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  15. I kinda hope that it comes down to France or Belgium and England for the final, with England taking the cup home. We're experts at beating the French.

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure we're getting our hopes destroyed by Sweden tomorrow.
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  16. Can there also be an award for most wrong bracket? Because GG
  17. England's still in?
    Matheus might need multiple statues... :p
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