[CONTEST] Art thing contest (250k prize)

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  1. Welcome, to my art thing contest!
    What is it an art of:
    • Rhythmically has a love for the ghast, and the ghasts have a love for him. They just work together. I am holding this contest (with his approval (it was kinda forced on him but thats okay)) for the players of EMC to depict Rhy and ghasts love for one another. Sample picture by WitherIsANub (See specifics for more info)
    What kind of art is it:

    • You can do anything. Real life drawing on paper, photoshop, minecraft pixel art, minecraft map art, blender, animation... possibilities are endless.
    Other specifics:

    • Size:
      • Any size is fine.
    • Quality
      • Better the quality, better the rating... better the chance of winning.
    • Detail
      • Lots of detail is very good
    • Submitting:
      • Post your art on this thread to submit. You can submit as many as you want! :)

    • This is a winner takes all competition. The winner will get 250,000r.
      • 2nd Place: 3DC Netherbrick
      • 3rd Place: 3DC Netherbrick

    • Contest runs from the time this thread is posted until July 16th at 11:59PM EMC time (3 weeks).
    Who is the judge?:

    • The judge is the great Rhythmically himself. :)
      • He will have his own rating standards and the winner is depended all on him.
    Thats all for now, any questions just ask :)!
  2. Just an FYI you put the wrong name for the example. My name is WitherDoggie not WitherAddict. :p
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  3. Got confused... too many people with wither in their name... Fixed it tho.
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  4. Loving the submissions so far! Late night bump :)!
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  5. Don't know Rythmically, but thought I'd try my hand
  6. *siiiiiigh*
    I think I'll leave now.
  7. about 4 lines and 10 minutes later...
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  8. Ah, sounds cool! I'm not very good with these things, though... :p
    We are allowed to use Minecraft assets, right, as well as his skin?
    I love that one, though, the Ghast is really cute and yet still really Ghast-y. :D

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  9. Yup, you can use any art means you want, skins included.

    This is also a bump! :)
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  10. Time for me to bump yet again :)
  11. Blaze is crying because he gets no love.
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  12. A bit of a hint as to my judging style, if anyone makes either a sculpture or 3D render, my being impressed will be taken into account. :p
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