[CONTEST] Art thing contest (250k prize)

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  1. 8 days left
  2. Bump! Remember this ends at the very last second on the 16th!
  3. How to u get the picture on the computer
  4. To your computer from where?
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  5. ...
    I think you need a hobby.
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  6. lol Alex just won. I might be able to nab second if I can submit mine. ;)
  7. Here's mine. For First
    For Fun now! :p

  8. Alex can u send me a pic of that
  9. Reserved for something dank

    Something Dank:

    (Pretty sure that I lost, but hey, I tried :p)
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  10. bump 3 days
  11. How did I not see this :O?

    Anyways, there are such cool pictures I dont have a chance alerady xD

    I might still try to make something though, just for fun :p
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  12. bumping again
  13. ends tomorrow!
  14. About 26 hours in contest left!