[CONTEST] Art thing contest (250k prize)

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  1. Last day! Less than 12 hours!
  2. bump! Barely over 5 hours left!
  3. Final Bump! About 40 minutes left! I will have Rhy judge tomorrow. :)
  4. Whaddaya mean, "you will have me judge"? I'll decide!


    I'll be judging tomorrow :)
  5. Contest has ended, Once Rhy judges and tells me the top 3- winner will be paid and 2nd and 3rd place can get their items :).
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  6. Good luck all! You are all going to do great!
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  7. Oh gosh. I am so excited, but so nervous at the same time...
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  8. Those are the winners Rhy has PM'd to me.

    Honestly, I would have rated it at Alex, Ender, then Raaynn but, Rhy has decided. I am paying ender now, and Alex/Tehrandom may pickup your items soon, chest up once I PM you both.
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  9. Excellent contest idea. Congrats to everybody!!
  10. O__o *dies of surprise*
    One Word: OoooooMmmmmmGggggggggg OMG! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Wow. I was really surprised. I was literally screaming at my computer. With the 250k, I can FINALLY get diamond supporter for the first time. :D I have been dreaming for this over a year. Thanks so much, Stew and Rhy for hosting this competition. Also, gg to Alex, you had a great graphic. Wish me luck again, I'm trying for first in the wallpaper contest... :) Thanks all and goodnight. :) :) :)
  11. Congrats!