Windows 10: EMC's Recommendation and Win10MC

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  1. All, Windows 10 has been released. Given that a lot of people are likely being offered to upgrade I figured I would put out my personal suggestion that you wait.

    With every MAJOR OS update, there are bound to be bugs. I strongly recommend you wait at least 1 month before upgrading to Win10, to give them opportunity to find the bugs they missed and get them fixed.

    This will help ensure your OS is stable and less risk of data loss.

    But if you're on the bleeding edge and willing to put up with the missed bugs, then go for it, but for most users you should give it some time to bake.

    As for the Windows 10 MC edition, EMC has confirmed this client does not work with normal servers. Continue using the standard client/launcher to connect to Empire Minecraft servers.
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  4. And thank you Aikar!!!
  5. Seventh. Nothing useful to say club!
  6. Good thing the game costs $9.99, with in-app purchases ~.~?, so that I didn't buy it. It's most likely just the XBox version of Minecraft implemented onto Windows 10
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  7. so are you sure it's not compatible
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  8. Can one just get old MC on a Windows 10 machine instead of Windows 10 beta?
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  9. Yes, it says this exactly in the 'Store' in Windows 10.
    And yes.
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  10. So if you can use normal MC on Windows 10, why is there a Windows 10 version which makes you start all over. Besides the obvious M$ money grab.
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  11. Because it's just an obvious money grab, that's all it is lol
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  12. Thanks for the advice aikar, i was gonna upload it straight away but then i read this and you're right yea.
  13. EDIT: HAHA 15th post :D
    Minecraft Windows 10 edition is cross compatible with pocket edition. Since Microsoft is apparently expanding into making their devices more appealing to the generation of mobile users, you see stuff like a MS app store, offering apps for PC that are like mobile apps.

    Overall if you don't want it you don't have to get it, and i personally wouldn't view it as a money grab.
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  14. I have been very hesitant to sign up for Windows 10 for the reasons Aikar stated. I have been using Windows 7 for a long time and will continue to use it as long as Microsoft continues to provide regular security patches and product updates. I hated the non-intuitive layout of Windows 8 and prefer a traditional desktop .

    Have any of the more tech savvy people here heard any other good or bad things about Windows 10, Minecraft related or otherwise?
  15. Minecraft for windows 10 is free if you have already purchased regular minecraft.
  16. Hmm, this is exactly one of the reasons why I got myself a Windows 7 professional license instead of just using the pre-installed home-premium. Nothing wrong with the latter, but the Professional version has extended networking support (which I need for work) and an extended support period (although I believe they recently made all versions last until 2020).

    As for Windows 10; I'm sceptical ;) Been a part of the Insiders program for a while and well... In situations where Windows 8 would run flawlessly in a VirtualBox (virtual PC) environment Win10 would bugger out on me. Even the more recent versions which were getting pretty close to the final version.

    The major problem which Microsoft has, in my opinion, is that they don't realize that a first impression is usually the most important impression to make. There are dozens of products out there which people deem "bad" or "bug ridden" while MS has in fact managed to turn it from a rather bad product into something usable and sometimes enjoyable. But because of recent events and opinions most people won't touch it.

    Anyway, we'll see what this turns out into. I just hope that they'll listen to their userbase for once. In a market which you can't dominate (anymore) you can't really make money by just doing what you think is right while all your followers / users scream out to go back on your ways. At least we got the start menu back ;)
  17. The start menu never left. Just changed forms through various updates. I have updated to Windows 10, and I severely doubt I will run into issues. There was nothing wrong with Windows 8.1 either from my perspective...