Wildfires within the States [2020]

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  1. Thanks, 'December 31st' just meant the end of 2020, then, I thought there was significance to the date. :p Like December 21st 2012. ;)

  2. The year isn't over until we fight the final boss, haha~

    Impulsive_Egg and I are teamed up to fight god, will you join us 607? >:3
  3. No; I am with God, and I hope He would be with me in any fight. :)

    Edit: Back to the topic: aren't wildfires, while terrible, fairly common in the United States? Is there something that makes it worse this year than other years?
  4. Lol, yep. Moved to ft mac in oct 2015, and out in may. Evac was on my birthday ( friends blamed the candles on my cake as the cause...)
  5. Global climate change. It's worsening the effects of natural disasters, like wildfires and hurricanes
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  6. Adding on to this, the natural disasters are only going to get worse from here on out because the people who can help stop climate change care more about money than about the environment and people's safety.
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  7. For the first time in almost a week, the air quality index dropped from "unhealthy" to "moderate". I was finally able to go for a walk without having to worry about inhaling 10 packs of cigarettes! :D
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  8. Please don't turn this thread to a different topic please. This wasn't meant for debate. I will kindly ask you to make your own thread on that matter
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  9. The sun's been looking a lot more dim in the evenings over here all the way in Arkansas. From what I've seen, it doesn't seem to affect the air quality here, but it's crazy that the smoke is traveling across the United States.

  10. I'm so sorry my guy... I'm getting reports of the same thing from a few other Discord friends I have who live in Kentucky. They're starting to see it as well... :\

    (Now you guys know what California began going through many weeks ago. I sure hope this madness can stop soon...)
  11. Things have been seeming more hazy over here in Illinois too. It really is crazy how the smoke travels...
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  12. Fun fact: There are 2 fires around Paradise. You know, the place that was nearly burned to the ground in the 2018 inferno, dubbed "The Paradise Fire"?

    There's the "North Complex Fire", which is NNE of Paradise, and then there's the "Feather Fire". That inferno is SE of Paradise.

    Shame the firefighters have to fight those fires in those conditions... Those places are exactly where a firefighter's nightmare comes true... :\
  13. big F A C T S
  14. The air quality was "moderate", again. I hope that this is a positive trend, rather than just temporary relief. I would love to be able to see blue skies again, alongside with breathing fresh air.
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  15. Spot on
  16. Smoke from the wildfires has now reached the shores of Europe.

    Your tourists are banned from the UK and the EU and you’ve still managed to annoy us somehow this year smh

  17. Looks like I was smart to put my mask on to prevent smoke inhalation.
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  18. I guess that confirms why I think it's so hazy here in new jersey
    This is probably going to be my last time ever coming here, and because of the smoke I'll never get to see the stars ever again :c
  19. 3rd day in a row, moderate air quality. I hope this means that CalFire was able to contain those really troublesome fires in the difficult areas! :D
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