Whats the longest you have held your breath?

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  1. as the title says, whats the longest you have held your breath? my record as of typing this is 96 seconds

    if i happen to beat my record il put it here: 100
  2. Held mine close to 3 minutes under water one time when I was a younger man in really good shape.
  3. I managed to hold my breath for 2 minutes once, as of right now I can only do like 40 seconds ;)
  4. I practice holding my breath frequently, and I think I reached two minutes a long time ago. I am trying to get back to that time, but it is taking a while XD
  5. If the saying "I've been holding my breath since" is anything to go by: Since november the 8th 2016.
  6. Had to hold my breath while casting some overheated brass that was burning off zinc like crazy (super toxic, whoops!). Turns out when the alternative is death, you can hold your breath a lot longer than normal, I think I got like 90 seconds, my normal best is like 50 seconds lol.
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  7. I once I held my breath for 3 days. They say I black out after 10 seconds but I think they're just jealous.
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  8. Back when I was running 50 miles a week, I could get 3 minutes.

    I now have back problems at the ripe old age of 18 though, so :p
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  9. I just "accidently" didn't breath for about ten seconds, and my face turned blue. More info see status :oops:
  10. I did have a pretty impressive 3 minutes and 30 seconds I did when I was underwater.
  11. Technically I wasn’t “breathing” but instead got oxygen delivered to my cells. Longest time? Approximately a little over 9 months
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  12. And I've been trying to move outta here since 8 November 2016... :p:rolleyes:
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  13. Hey... you beat me to the gestation joke.

    Seriously, I can't say exactly how long it takes, but I often swim the length of the pool underwater where I camp. Sitting here at my desk I am able to hold for about a minute, but I am sure it is less when I've been swimming or doing some other activity.
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  14. When you try to hold your breath, do you automatically start breathing again before you pass out? I'm afraid to try. :p
  15. Unless you have some supernatural willpower you should, yeah. Your body naturally forces you to try and breathe at a certain point.
    However, do NOT try and hold your breath as long as you can underwater. It's possible to black out even if you're not "out of breath" and then it increases the risk of drowning
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  16. Interesting thread~

    Hmm, I cannot say for sure, but maybe 60 seconds, maximum? I could be mistaken because I was a little kid when I used to play the "hold your breath" game a lot. That was a long time ago though, so I may be skewing the numbers a bit.
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  17. 12 seconds
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  18. lol jk i think 4 mins under a long tunnel on the ride to Colorado for a trip
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  19. Alright, I'm going to try. :p I feel like it might be good to take a big breath of air (through my nose) before starting, so I'll do that (I drank some water too, so I don't get a sore throat :p).
    Actually, I'm starting to think that taking the big breath of air is making it more difficult, as now I can't relax... I thought at first that I would be allowed to breath out, but just not breath in, but I now realise that I also can't breathe out while holding my breath. I'm approaching a minute though. Huh, I just swallowed, I didn't think that'd be possible. Ah, there's a minute. This is starting to feel bad. :p Aaah
    That was 1:08. I did indeed exhale and start breathing automatically, I didn't choose to stop holding my breath, at least not consciously!
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