What's in a name?

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  1. Hello all,
    I'm pretty sure this has been done before however Burki and I thought it was time for a new one. Basically, where did you get your username from? An old nickname that stuck, your favorite pet perhaps? Allow me to start, considering I get asked this often and compared to Deadmau5 🙄 . Anyway, story time.

    When I was in the forth or fifth grade...lets see...would been... 2005 or 2006? Close to that anyway. My best friend at the time had just started getting into World Of Warcraft, I had never played a mmorpg and had never really used a custom named before. Up to that point if a game asked for my character name I just used my irl name. He came up with the name Deadmon and for years afterward I used it. Really wish I could remember how or why he thought of it at the time but it just kinda stuck. When Minecraft came about the username deadmon was taken, which had happened a couple of games before where it would be taken, so I just got in the habit of a using the number 5 after it (my favorite number). Thus Deadmon5 was created, at least in minecraft. Over the years I've actually stopped using it as the constant comparisons to Deadmau5 have worn thin over the years. As a matter of fact EMC is the only platform to which I still hold the title. I've considered changing it and I come close at times but I kinda like that EMC is unique in that regard. I may change it someday but for the time being Deadmon5 belongs to the Empire.

    So tell me dear user, what is the story behind the name?
  2. My name originated from FIFA =P

    I was playing co-op with my friend and I happened to score a longshot with a goalkeeper called Burki

    (happens a little way in)

    Ever since I have embraced the religion of Burki and his wonderful shooting abilities
  3. Krysyyjane9191 = krystal jane 9/1/91

    later changed to Krysyy because its sooooooo much easier
  4. Mine is very easy Skele is the mob I like Tin is the metal material I was made into and 007 is James Bond :p
  5. Yes, we have had a few of these before, and you can find those threads via my comments here. Beyond what can be derived from those other two threads that I can add is that a lot of people try to say my name Zero - One, but I simply say Zerone similar to how one would say Capone...You would not say Cap - One (but I bet he capped more than just one...heh). Aside from a specific annunciation, most people just call me Knight. I do my best to respond to any comments that seek my attention in any format :)

    I look forward to what everyone else has to say in this thread.

    Tempered Outpost Founder
  6. That does sound significantly better for you, I think! Thank you. :)
  7. Juanpokemon4 was my first name on EMC. It was my name + pokemon + a random number.

    Gaming Comander was a different story. After realizing how much I hated my OG name, I spent two weeks thinking of names. While getting ready to go to school, I was talking to my friend about some of our friends and crushes and stuff when "Gaming Comander" slipped out. I guess I was talking to him and thinking of my Minecraft name at the same time, which spawned it ^~^

    Now I couldn't be happier with my name! I love it!
  8. A = Awesome
    N = Nerds
    C = Causing
    I = Illicit
    E = Entertainment
    N = Never
    T = Tires
    T = That
    O = One
    W = Weird
    E = Earth
    R = Rule
  9. My name is based on a set of armor from my favorite game series of all time - Ratchet and Clank :D

    Brownie points to who can name which game, which set of armor and where you get it :p
  10. When I was three years old, I got an orange cat named Orlando. At some point I started calling him "Moremoo". Over time, he recieved many different nicknames (floof, Mr. floofums, Moo) but MoreMoople is the one that stuck as my username. :)
  11. I am very unoriginal... Jelle simpely is my real name, and I put a number behind it.
    Yeah... I know...

    For most other games I nowadays use the name Egeau, which, indeed, sounds Frensh, but it doesn't mean anything. It's a made-up word and the front name of the Dungeons&Dragons character I've played for more than a year now. It also is a bit more andragonous, which I also like...
  12. Did you get it from random.org? If not, I feel like there should be more to it. And in fact, even having got it from random.org would be interesting to mention. ;)
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  13. It's been one of my nicknames since, I was a little squirt. :D
  14. Interesting! People add an extra, unnecessary, "o" in your name, but remove the necessary "l" in ShelLuser's name (by not calling him "Shell" but instead the other thing I refuse to say. :D).

    I'm fairly sure that there's more behind it, but I'm not 100% sure, and he might've left it out on purpose. :)
  15. I changed my original username and persona to Joy_the_Miner, mainly because of 2 things:

    1. My original username and Minecraft skin made no sense with lack of any correlation with one another, at all.
    2. People are more familiar with Joy from Inside Out, so i decided to fuse her name with what I love to do in Minecraft the most, that is mining.~ ^^

    You could say that i'm lying since I'm currently retired, but when 1.14 comes, I'll be back out there ripping up the underground caverns, yet again!!
  16. Nah... Most of the time I say it's 68 because 1968 is the year of birth of my mother, who died in 2014 aged 46, jet, though that is the reason I still use 68 as a favourite number, and, with that, the reason Jelle68 still is my name, it never was the reason I choose 68.

    Tom gave my my minecraft accound for my birthday in 2011. (We still were at the age you would have a party at every birthday) When we were setting it up together, roughly a week after he gave me the accound code, the "choose a name" box came by surprise. I had never played a game where you would have to choose a name before, and, when you did, they asked you for your first name so they could call you that in the text boxes. I naturally just tried "Jelle", jet, that one was taken alredey. So, I added a random number. At the time, 81 was my favourite number, so we tried that.
    "Okay, so, what else?" Tom asked. And I just randomly said "68". I have always liked the aestethic of it. I don't know, it just looked good to me. Later on I tried to rationalise it by saying it is the year of birth of my mother. Freud would like that explanation, but we all know that story...
  17. Let's be honest, that's still a fairly good reason and a nice story. :D

    My name is simple... it's my name. I was the most uncreative person ever back when I had to create my name, and, like Jelle, had never had to create an actual username. My name was a good solution. :p
  18. My name is soooo often confused with Bosoc's, but I promise we're two different people. (or are we...?)
    Anyways, my dad bought Minecraft as a gift years ago back in like 4th grade or something, and he chose the username because I was too clueless to set it up myself lol.
    My family is very religious, and my dad's favorite saint is John Bosco. So that's why he started the name with 'bosco'.
    The 'do' part is just the first two letters of my last name.
    And boscodo just stuck! I kinda like how it sounds. 'bos' sounds like bus, 'co' as in colinear, 'do' as in doe.
    I've thought about changing it, but I've had it for so long I just can't bring myself to do it. It's my username on a few other sites too:D
  19. I'm pretty sure I responded to the last one that was created from this but I will explain the history behind the name

    Originally when I got minecraft back in 2011 I used to be named clan23, some of you may still remember this name back when I joined back in EMC in 2016. Was a name after my old friends account Klan24. When I still didn't have my own bank card I had to come to him to purchase my account. I kept that name till the name change. Xx_Cjbruh_xX was a terrible name so instantly I changed my name when I got the next chance. By about this time EMC finally supported name changes and I got a new name of FoxyRavenger. That name stuck for a while. Was the Foxy that roamed all of the smps and fought with Luckygreenbird to be the best pirate. Good times.

    Now my current name has been around for over a year. Since I like trains, Conductor was going to be the first. Conduit came from when I was in Electric lines-worker program. Not doing that currently because I am a door and window guy but hey catchy -CC for short is nice.

    Just a quick history lesson from me haha
  20. *shows thread some love*