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    The title says it all: Explain your username!
    Everyone has a story behind their username and I'm always a sucker for fun facts and strange stories. You can explain the reasoning behind any username that you use, whether it's different on individual platforms or if you use the same name across every platform.
    I'll go first:
    I became Impulsive Egg when I finally changed my name on League (I hated the name I had). I wanted my new user to be something that summed up my entire sense of humor while also making fun of myself.
    When I was trying to come up with it, I remembered one time I joked about how my girlfriend bakes impulsively and she calls me an egg all the time, ergo: Impulsive Egg
  2. I was in a group with a few people and the idea to take an online quiz that would determine what our spirit vegetable we were came about. We all took the quiz and it seemed everyone was getting cucumber...yet I got pumpkin. So then one of them (who will remain nameless until he posts) kept calling me pumpkin. I thought this sounded like a pet name girl/boyfriends used so I told him and he decided to call me "Gourd" instead, thus Gordan_the_Gourd was born!
  3. My Names:
    (Sydney is my name irl) So I was creating a Roblox account one day, and I typed in the name 'Sydney'. Unavailable, obviously, so I decided to close my eyes and type in 4 random numbers. This is what I came up with:


    I then got a Minecraft account soon after, and decided 'Why not use the same name for Roblox and Minecraft'?
    I like limes.
    I would be breaking EMC rules if I said the real reason, so here's a reason I made up: I owned a mall (on another server), but people could only sell to me in double chest quantities.
    See explanation for Limes4363. 43 is a shortened version of 4363.
    Independence day.
    3-letter names are rare, so I changed my name to one.
    Look CinemaSins up on YouTube.
    Simpler version of Sydney4363.

    Alt Names:
    Alt 1:
    Simpler version of Sydney4363.
    InAction names are were popular on EMC, so it's Alt.
    I am friends with MoreMoople, so I did the opposite of her name.
    5688 is the residence number for +Deco.
    It comes from an alt name contest I ran. Smooshed_Potato won with the name of CinemaWins.
    I like pineapple pizza and 43 is my favorite 2-digit number.
    CDuck1D is my friend. C is the first letter of his first name. S is the first letter of MY first name.
    Another submission from an alt name contest I ran. Not sure why, but I really love the sound of it.
    Google translate "ellinika".

    Alt 2:
    My 2nd alt's name when I wanted it to be private that it was my alt. I figured it'd be easier to just reveal it was my alt after all.
    See explanation for Sydney4363.
    4363 in Roman.
    Marc's Head Format unofficial head for the Cod mob.
    Shouldn't really need an explanation.

    Alt 3:
    Account for the mall I'm building.
  4. Nuclear Weapons + Bobombs. (from Super Mario Bros game series)
  5. Wow, when I have more time I'm going to make one just as fancy as Sydney's.. (Stay Tuned for Spoilers)
  6. My favorite is the moople one
  7. When I was five I was creating a Webkinz account and I was learning how to type at an early age, and it resonated with me to go with q1zx! I liked the feeling of typing it on the keyboard. The q1 is grouped together and the zx is also... :p
  8. I used to write short fantasy and medieval stories when I was younger and brainstormed this huge list of names, a lot of them unique and different. When I decided to join Minecraft, none of the names I wanted were available without having some numbers tacked on, which I can't stand personally, so I ended up going through that list and settled on NiraShan, which after a few months changed to Arystina, another name on that same list.

    Can't say the same for my one alt account though. Owilicious. I like owls, yes. Don't ask me where the rest of the name came from. I don't even know myself. Guess I got frustrated with my username choice being denied constantly when I tried to make the account. :confused:
  9. this account is my cousin whos name is rayaan and WOAH. amazingly creative guy i have no idea where he came up with this name from. the username i usually use for game stuff and is the name of my banned account is ESSELEM which means SLM which means shin lamedh mem which is the semitic root of my name
  10. Thought of it randomly. I have used names in other games beginning with 'star' before, so why not use it here? :)
  11. I've had over 20 names combined with my ex main/alt and this account xD Probably over 30 lul
    I change my name way to often but I will explain my name on this account as it is atm!

    As many of you may recall I used to go by the name LordessSpartan and _Levy_McGarden_ and I was reminded by BurgerKnight of my Lady(Lord) status on the ranks just by having a conversation with him so I was like why not show that again (I was also LadyEliza). I came up with the word Lordess lol just because I didn't like the word lady at the time and I wanted something with lord but I was a female. I also didn't want to change my name from Levy since I am Levy from the Fairy Tail Guild so I went and combined those two names to make LordessLevy (LordessSpartan sounded so much better lul :p).
    Expect more name changes in the future :'D
  12. Well, the concise version would be to simply say I like Knights, and Technology. From there you could say that my name is a Binary Fusion that has been Knighted :)

    For the more in-depth breakdown, here is a link to a similar thread that happened over a year ago : https://empireminecraft.com/threads/whats-in-your-name.66365/page-4#post-1205554

    Also a lot of others have posted their backstories there too for your reading enjoyment :)

    Tempered Outpost Founder
  13. I wasn't very creative at the time and it stuck. For most of my new game accounts I try to get the name Fractured, but it's pretty rare I get it.
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  14. Hey Buddy, I hope all is well. :)
  15. DrMadFate is my usual name Its a name I used for years and also DoctorFate is my favorite dc comic character.
  16. The_Boulder doesn't have explain his name because The Boulder knows you will understand and be fine it.
  17. I always love reading these stories. There was once a thread like this ages ago, and I explained my name there, but I believe I was SlvrBuildsBlocks at the time?


    SilvrBuildBlocks - I was 14. I had no idea how to balance this name. I wanted SilverBuildsBlocks but that name exceeded the 15 char limit. I started playing with letters until I found something not taken and also similar. For some reason, I settled on this nonsense.
    SlvrBuildsBlocks - I figured out how to balance the previous name! Hoorah!
    Slvr - I discovered that the username Slvr would be available soon! I camped out until it became available and then snatched it up.
    LongJohnSlvrs - SMP8. Purely their fault.
    Murphys__Law - So, funny story. I managed to rip my entire left thumbnail off on a cat litter box and before that, I knocked myself out on some cabinets. Oh, and before THAT, I found a random cut going all the way across my left hip in a perfect line, through my back on my waist. All of this, plus an unhealthy obsession with a certain Disney XD cartoon called Milo Murphy's Law, fueled this little Murphy's Law joke. And then, THEN, not long after getting this name, my refrigerator set a pizza box on fire.

    I'll be lucky to make it til I'm 20.

    Jokes aside... Silver builds blocks was a joke because quite frankly, I had no freaking idea what I was doing when I started Minecraft on the computer. I'd been playing singleplayer on the Xbox 360 for quite a while and it was stuck in some purgatory of 1.4 or 1.6 or something, Idek, but it was old. On there, all of my structures were oak wood squares. Plus a single 9x9 farm that despite moving too slowly for my needs, never dawned on me to expand. So to poke at my own stupidity in the game, I did 'BuildsBlocks.' Slvr, or Silver, comes from a character I was writing about at the time for a personal story (one that I never completed, and I actually scrapped the character entirely).

    I eventually settled on Slvr just because it's simple, short, and I like it that way.
    EDIT: I don't really use different names anywhere else, though if I'm not some variation of Slvr, I'm some variation of Star or PokeMasterStar. (PokeMasterStar coming from my days on Neoseeker... need to bleach those usernames from existence...)
  18. I got my name from a character in a series of books I read when i was young. The books are from the Elric of Melnibone collection. A fantastic read if you're into the fantasy genre. Moonglum was a, let me get this straight, is described as a very small man with an ugly face, a wide, grinnning mouth, and a mop of red hair..now i'm nothing like that:) but i liked his personality in the books so i named my guy after him. (also my first choice was taken)
  19. Ooooh Origin Stories!! I'm a sucker for these kinds of things and reading all about y'all's is great fun!

    Mine is a bit more boring, maybe, but it's a name I've used for years and across several different platforms. It even served as a penname for a little while!
    Sazukemono is the Japanese translation of my English name's Hebrew meaning. It means, in very loose terms, "given to god" - I'm quite sure something's been lost in translation, but the name Sazukemono works just fine for me :p Even though 'sazukemono' only really means 'a gift' :p

    I have another penname I like better, "Tchailenova" and that one's mostly just a tweaked Russian-sounding name that I created to include 'Nova' because I love the stars <3 That one has the benefit of also never needing numbers added. I prefer my names to be original with no numbers or underscores :p (some exceptions are made in very important cases)
  20. Simple!
    I luv da potato
    My old account is da smoooshh
    Da smooshed_potato
    Smooshed_Santa due to the holiday season!
    (I don't care what you say spud)