What grinds your gears in multiplayer Minecraft?

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  1. What grinds your gears in multiplayer Minecraft? If you are not sure what that saying means, what makes you frustrated in multiplayer Minecraft?

    This is a forum where you can appropriately vent your frustrations about multiplayer Minecraft.

    I don't mind someone asking for handouts occasionally. Sometimes we just don't have the means to get something, or a player is asking their friend for something but in a vague way in town chat. But what really frustrates me is someone who begs day after day, and receives stuff from their friends, but when their friends ask them to return the favor, they attempt to charge them outrageous prices for a few items. Then couple that with them owning a shop that gains customers through dishonest means such as claiming other shops are always out of stock, or that they are the cheapest on the server when they know they aren't, and you have someone even worse. Add onto that that this person also has scammed many people out of their items, convincing them that an Empire Firework is worth a measly 1k in residence chat in an attempt to keep others from informing the other player that they are being scammed. When you suggest they vote or mine in the wastelands for materials, they just ignore you. When you suggest that they pricematch their shop to a few well known ones, they claim that you are "trying to cheat me out of my money", knowing full well that you know they know reasonable prices (they worked at a well know shop). When you swoop in to stop them from scamming players out of expensive items, they say "you are very mean to me" and "you are making me cry" to try and gain sympathy from anyone listening.

    That kind of player drives me nuts.

    So, again, what frustrates you in multiplayer Minecraft?
    • noobs
    • people with bad grammar (people that don't use any punctuation or capitalization are okay, as well as people that can't spell :))
    • people that use the same joke(s) over and over
    • when people think what they're saying is funny
    • server messages on emc (the grammatical errors)
    • people that ask/state something and spam because they didn't get an answer
    • people that join an smp, paste an advertisement, then switch to the next server
    • people that join an smp, ask if anyone is willing to buy something (or sell) and leave shortly after because they didn't get a response right away
    • people that use "Im" instead of "I'm" <---VERY specifically
    • that 1mtg guy :p
  2. People who say stuff like "dat thing doe" or use excessive memes when they talk. This isn't just multiplayer minecraft but more of a general Internet thing but it applies to minecraft too. :p
  3. dat rply thou
  4. People that keep farm designs secret for their own personal gain. It's selfish, greedy, rude, and childish. I also hate when people get a admin to escort you away from an area
  5. Half chopped, floating trees.
  6. “who is selling diamonds?”
    “diamonds, 19xxx”
    “who is selling diamonds?”
    “they sell diamonds at 19xxx”
    “who is selling diamonds?”
    “check this out: http://www.azoundria.com/emc/market/index.php to see who is selling diamonds”
    “who is selling diamonds?”
    “who is selling diamonds?”

    “Does anyone have a job?”
    “Lots of big shops buy items, see what you can sell”
    “Does anyone have a job?”
    “I mean, get some saps and make logs, I’m always buying at 18xxx”
    “Does anyone have a job?”
    “What are you looking to do?!”
    “idk, does anyone have a job?”

    “What is a dragon stone?”
    “Rare enraged mob drop”
    “What is a dragon stone?”
    “Check out the wiki to find out more: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/index/
    “What is a dragon stone?”
    “Really, check out the wiki”
    “What is a dragon stone?”
    "WHY WONT YOU TELL ME ????????????"

    “How do I make a shovel”
    “Oh, good grief!”
  7. What grinds you?
  8. I heard my name... and Whenever people spam in general
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  9. People who try to be mods and people who state the obvious/already stated.
  10. I believe it is called backseat moderating or something.

    And that is why you always call shotgun
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  11. I don't find that selfish or rude. :p I envy their creation and certainly want it but everyone has their secrets, especially if it can make big money. (NOTE: my opinion is not law)

    I absolutely DETEST the people who will log on, post a message/advert and go to another server, rinse, and repeat. It drives me insane. I don't like it when there are those people: HEEE STOOOLEEEEE MY HORSSSSSEYYYYYYYYYY11!!!!!!1!1!!one1!!! When it clearly says "original owner: x"
    I don't like it when people use letters repeatedly (see "stoooleeeee)
    People using incorrect grammar (not in general but to the point that it is without common sense to do so)
    When people "unconditionally" grief, ie, hiding behind your horse from a skeleton or luring a skeleton to the depths of your wild base then saying it is by accident.
    When people make up horror stories to make you sympathize with them
    When people say "no reselling" on their shops. I don't resell on purpose, I will buy a lot of something for personal use and then see a good price and then sell it because I would rather have the rupees then the items. But it is inevitable. If you have low prices people have every right to resell.
    When people claim to be better than everyone else at something and it turns out to be all in their head.
    When there are signs that lie (this parkour is possible *5 block jump*)
    When people go out of their way to not be modest.
    When there are amazingly prices in shops but they are eternally out of stock.
    When people make illigal casino games, saying they are legal.
    When people don't read the rules or guide.
    "How do I craft a sword"
    CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A DIAMOND OOPS CAPS (apologizing in the same message)
  12. Oh boy, there's a lot that gribds my gears. The only sad thing about this thread is reading through all of them, and thinking to yourself "Oh, crap, that's me D:" haha

    Anyways, I'm generally a hand salesman. That means I prefer doing hand to hand trades with whomever asks for an item or strolls by. So when somebody asks for an item, and I say I have it an they continuously ask, oh my goodness. What also bothers me (at least in EMC) is the exploitation of new players during promo events. Now I'm gonna start a list..
    -Spending 10 minutes to get onto a crowded server
    -Overly competetive people
    -Greedy people
    -Pay-to-win (not an EMC thing)
    -Parkours with the four block jump.. Dear god. Any jump but that
    -Baby zombies being OP beyond belief (got two hitted by an enraged baby zambie once)
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    • People who advertise every 10 seconds
    • Skin Competitions
    • When staff censor my [Censored]
    • People who do everything they can to not go on the Empire Website even though I explicitly tell them that everything they need to know is on there.
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  13. Working on a redstone build, but then realize it doesn't work on a bukkit server
  14. A complicated toxic community that can have a high consistency of drama among the community itself to to do self harm.
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  15. Grindstone initiate:

    "How do I craft/make X...?"
    --> You are online, look it up.

    "How do I make money?"
    --> Work, duh.

    "Can I have free stuff?"
    --> Maybe, but at least try to get some yourself from time to time (work for it).

    "Can I be a mod/admin/owner/god/creative-mode?"
    --> ...uh, what makes you so special? And, more than likely, no.

    "Let me have build flag. Please?"
    --> Only if I trust you more than I trust my computer to not back-stab me.

    And any degree of grotesque illiteracy and/or spam.


    Conversely, a player that is polite, honest, hard-working, and imaginative/intellectual is just darn awesome! :D
  16. People who use "u" and "r"
    People who ask how to make rupees and deny voting because they're "too lazy".
    People with "xXx" or something similar in their name
    People who advertise something every 20 seconds in town chat
    People who go through the tutorial without reading anything and then ask questions on how to do things.
    Begging in general.
    People who private message you and beg for things.
    People who spam characters like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    People who say "plz come to my shop" when everything is out of stock.

    I'll probably update this as I think of more.
    People who try to buy promos/rares for half of what they're worth.
    People who try to scam new players out of their promos.
    People who won't stop bothering you for something even after you told them no.
    People who want donations for something that will make them profit.
    People who overuse emoticons and abbreviations.
  17. I just really hate when people chat with huge grammer errors and That Type Like This.
    Even though I did both of those a while ago...
    I sometimes never pay attention to chat and put it to super tiny mode in the settings.
    Also people that ask for money. That's the main thing that annoys me. People are always always always asking for money and it's annoying. I made all my money by doing nothing but that's just because I don't care about promos and sell them when they come out because I don't want a price of paper saying something. An ore buster on the other hand is useful though.
    Although when I first joined what I did to get money was I spent some money on buying iron at Jennypoo that I got from signing in. Make some armor and tools and go to the Wild for an hour, bring back some stuff, sell it in my shop and make money. In fact I can show you my rupee history and you can see for your self.
    And maybe just that on multiplayer it gets annoying because people destroy everything I build in the wild and I'm better off playing single player because there isn't people standing on the block I want to place another block on.