What countries are represented on EMC?

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Mob_Meal. I am an adult who loves to travel and enjoys learning other cultures and languages. I have been a host family to many, many exchange students and friends with many more. I have been to 15 countries other than my home country USA. I was just curious how many and which countries are represented here on EMC.

    Please leave a comment with what country you are from. I'll try to keep a running list. Feel free to tell us a little about yourself, your country, your culture, native language, whatever you like. Just remember, by EMC rules you should post in English only so that staff can properly monitor posts.

    I'll start the list. As I stated earlier, I'm from the USA.

    Countries Represented:
    Turkey (by proxy)
    Japan (by proxy)
    Philippines (by proxy)
    The Netherlands
    U.K. (Represented by England & Wales)
    China (by proxy)
    New Zealand
    Czech Republic (by proxy)
    Aruba (by proxy)

    Known countries that have not recieved a posting yet:
    Bulgaria (by proxy)
    Where you will die from a 6 month long winter.
  3. Jeg er fra Danmark :cool:

    I'm from Denmark :eek:
  4. I was born and raised in the US, but both of my parents are from Turkey. :) I haven't been there in 4 years, but I do enjoy spending time there. A majority of my relatives live there.
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  5. Born in the US, my dad is from Japan and my mom is from the Phillipines. :)
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  6. website traffic
  7. Sweden, our language sounds weird and nerdy.
    Native language is Swedish and we have a lot of minority languages.
    I'm swedish so my english is not prefect but I consider my self okay for being swedish. I play sports, I play soccer/football and floorball (you probably don't know what it is, just google it). When i'm not in school or playing sports I am playing either minecraft, League of legends or a game on ps4. I also play the ukulele.
  8. Thank you Aikar!

    Although, I'm not sure it's 100% accurate. I believe Dramanya is from Iceland, which is not listed. I'm guessing that list just shows what Country the internet provider is?
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  9. Even if your country has been listed, feel free to post anyway!

    Also, for those who have trouble with English or need help with translations there is a great app called iTranslate. It has over 50 languages available. I'm told it's not always perfect, but it's pretty good for a free software. It is available on iPhone, Android, PC that I know of.
  10. I'm from Italy — io sono italiano

    I met one other person from Italy on here, but haven't seen him around in over a year, so I'm presuming he quit. I guess we're a rare species. :rolleyes:
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  11. I'm from The Netherlands, fifth of Aikar's list! :D
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  12. Does it bother you that Notch equated your country to Hell ;)? Nether - NETHERlands ... See what I did there?
  13. Hahaha, sometimes I can make a joke about that, so I'd say it's only good :p
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  14. That's why we got 2 names ;) Netherlands and/or Holland.
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  15. *sigh*

    Ironically we have to protect ourselves from water with dikes instead of fire and lava from the MC nether :p
  16. I've heard of Italy. I like the pictures, will visit some day. My wife has been to Italy. Any of that count?
  17. I truly hope I did not offend you or anyone else. I was merely joking and making a "play on words" as we say.
  18. you missed Australia D:
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