Welcome Eviltoade and Elfinpineapple to Senior Staff!

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  1. XD That's awesome so you guys didn't know you were gonna be S.S. until you were.

    P.S. I'm glad I caught toade before he had the ability to go through walls or insta break blocks or teleport or give himself speed 255.
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  2. You were banned?
  3. The new generation is here! congrats both
  4. "Report abuse" for 2 days. I'll message you about it.
  5. You both became Senior Staff on my 1220th day xD
  6. Congratulations guys!

    Good news: more minties hopefully also means more work will get done and I can well imagine that there's still plenty to do!

    Bad news: well, sort off ;) You guys were also always fun to play with and I can well imagine that we might be seeing a little less of you two in-game.

    Can't wait to see what'll come out of this one :)

    PS: please try not to break the server (I'm pretty sure at least one of you will get that message :D)
  7. Yay congratulations!!
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  8. Congrats boys, both of you are EXTREMELY helpful!
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  9. High-five guys!
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  10. Hurray, more SS to torture with road edits. I'll get started right away.
  11. I'm glad to see these two make it to Senior Staff status.

    EvilToade helped me a couple years ago on more than one occasion. He helped me by banning people who were stealing my stuff in the waste. I was very grateful for his help. I can definitely say that he was a helpful moderator.
  12. msg me too im a curious george
  13. I am so PROUD of both of you!!!!
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  14. Congratulations to the both of you, super happy for you! it was very well deserved. :p
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  15. GG, i knew they could do it! :DDD
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  16. Gratz to you both... I've never met a frog I trust, I guess it's a good thing he's a toad, and you are supposed to get your apple each day to keep the doctor away even if it's a pineapple!
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  17. A little late congratulations for you two :)
    I am planning to do a bulk load of road edits in the near future, so I'll wich you two good luck aswell :p

    And, indeed I can still remember the message "blue toads? No, green toads!" Or something Like That. Man, That real seemed Like yesterday, emc time flies (unieke real life time sometmes "did That happen yesterday, oh, I have forgotten it alredey")
  18. Late as usual, Missing the gossip once more.

    Umm, What to say...Congratulations have been said already. Ima just leave a good luck here.. Apparently mint colors are "in" this summer (If you can still call it summer in Europe) so ima just say you two are on the right track of fashion..

    Unnecessary facts, Ima leave it by that.
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  19. Here's a belated congratulations. Congrats to both of you.

    @Toade, I'm still planning to make toade leg soup...
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