Wastelands Reset and Tentative Schedule Announced for 2016!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. LOL... I feel your pain...
  2. land claiming is only done in the frontier, since one of the requirements is it must be 3/5k from any outpost and that is impossible in the waste
  3. And I know were the diamonds are >:)
  4. That was meant to be an evil smile. Didn't turn out that well.
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  5. yay cave reset :D:D:p:):D (and mo-mos) :p :) :D
  6. Tomorrow is august 29th, so will there be a wastelands reset tomorrow, or has it been delayed?
  7. Given it is in Aikar time probably next month.
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  8. This is quite likely delayed. Your guess is as good as mine of course but don't forget that the last reset got postponed for almost 1.5 month because of the 1.9 update. Considering that the devs are currently working on 1.10 I think it'll be more likely that the waste reset will occur when 1.10 gets introduced.

    Which could be soon, I don't know, but considering that the waste reset happened not that long ago I think they'll probably take some time :)
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  9. Aikar Time
  10. If you click on the day that is currently marked for wastelands reset on the events calendar, it states the info.

    The wastelands will be reset with our 1.10 update which could happen anytime following the september first. We will activate the ingame warnings on the first of September.
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  11. another version update so soon?
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  12. Mojang is going back to releasing smaller updates more often, rather than big ones that can take over a year to make.
  13. Did the waste reset?
  14. I think the waste is going to reset with the 1.10 update
  15. (no offence) I love the wastelands reset schedulea, especially because this year so far 3 out of 4 have been delayed or cancelled. :p
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  16. We reset with updates so we don't want to reset end of august, just to reset in mid september. That's why this is a tentative schedule. It really only applies if we are far away from an update, on a rough 3 month schedule.
  17. I'm just waiting to see if this one takes as long as 1.9 did. Let's just hope Mojang don't do anymore updates so Aikar can work on 1.10 and have less memes made about him :p
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  18. Well, they are already working on 1.11 (snapshot has been released) but rumor has it that actual new features will be disclosed during Minecon. So 1.11 is still somewhat away (for which I'm happy based on my first glimpses, not really in favor of the changed hunger system so far).
  19. *Loads up meme-generator*
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