Wastelands Reset and Tentative Schedule Announced for 2016!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. wow this is late D:
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  2. Has to be. Otherwise we'd be doing two resets within a month of each other. Updates always mess with the schedule.
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  3. that is very true :)
  4. That means the reset/update is within a month?
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  5. It means that we're getting close and will do a wastelands reset with the update =)

    We might move the current schedule for the rest of the year around a bit as a result.
  6. You won't have to if the reset falls on June 6th. Which is ok with me. I'm not complaining.
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  7. It will be before then
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  8. All i know, is the longer the wait... the better it will be as then there will be more bugs and errors found before we go on....
  9. I am guessing Aikar is close to done but I think its more around May
  10. Go a decent distance from any outpost and you will find plenty left to exploit; I found an untouched ocean temple the other day.
    I seem to recall we used to wait longer between resets before Devs decided to make a set update schedule.
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  11. Yes, I have no problem finding resources, even diamonds. There are 45 different waste outposts on EMC, not counting Utopia or the nether. They should just move the four non-central outposts of each server gradually further out into the waste for about 6 consecutive months and then do a reset twice a year.

    Edit: I grossly miscalculated. That's actually 81 different waste outposts, and 8 non-central outposts per server. For some reason I was forgetting the outposts in the cardinal directions when I wrote my OP.
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  12. There is even still tons of Quartz out there sitting right next to the nether spawns.
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  13. I think one of the big hassles of doing the resets is pasting in the outposts, so that might not be feasible. Plus, the Wastelands have a border you can't pass.


    Personally, I don't even really think it needs to be reset apart from each MC update. Just because it looks cleaned out immediately outside the outposts doesn't mean there's nothing left out there; you just have to walk for a minute. It's honestly so easy to find stuff, having the Wastelands, especially compared to Vanilla MC, that I don't get why people think we need resets only months after one another. The vast majority of the Wastelands' resources are deleted on a reset; only a tiny amount is gathered by players during its lifespan.

    If you can always gather stuff by stretching one arm out, with one foot still on the outpost stairs, it's too easy.
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  14. With the risk of getting chewed. I like resets. Sure, really you would never actually have to reset. I don't think you would ever run out of resources. Or at least for years. But I like the variety. The ability of doing new exploring and finding new villages, strongholds, fortresses, etc... There is just something exciting when there is a reset. I enjoy it so much I tend to take a day off work for it. Maybe I'm being ridiculous but I do.

    There is another part of resets I believe. I think the major reason for the waste is to try to keep the frontier as pristine as possible without it getting as ripped up. The more difficult it might become to obtain a specific resource in the waste it might increase a players inclination for mining in the frontier. Possibly.
  15. Yeah, I can see that; you'd have to go extremely far out in the Frontier to see brand new worldgen, and the day of the reset is like an event in itself. Maybe I've just seen so much fresh Vanilla worldgen that I'm too used to it. If I want to explore, I prefer to do it in the Frontier, where people have been, because, with all the player-made stuff, you're actually seeing new, unexpected things; I know exactly what I'm going to see in a fresh world.

    Also, the Wastelands exist so the Frontier doesn't have to reset with MC updates. It's perfectly fine to gather resources in the Frontier if, for example, you're at your far-out base and don't want to travel all the way back to spawn and use the Wastelands. The Frontier does look ripped up near the outposts anyway, even with the Wastelands.

    Anyway, if you're into exploring fresh new worlds, and like the resets for that, then I get where you're coming from. It's just a preference thing, I guess.
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  16. How will the anti-griefing work?
  17. We don't know the exact in-depth details, but it should be to do with land claiming - being able to claim your outpost area so that nobody else can touch it unless you give them permission to :) It will all become clear when the land claiming/Empires updates land :D
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  19. cant wait! diamonds, here i come!!!
  20. So I have land claims(kinda) already...How would I claim them before anyone else?
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