Wastelands Reset and Tentative Schedule Announced 2015!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. The Wastelands Were RESET! Get out there and mine!

    When next: See the 2016 thread HERE!

    Please disassemble any temporary structures you have in the WASTELANDS (wilderness AND nether) and move the materials and yourself to town BEFORE 7 pm EMC time on Monday, December 7th. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.
    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land.
    They will be reset once every 3 months according to the tentative schedule below:
    March 4th
    June 3rd
    September 2nd
    December 2nd December 7th

    Note: General rule of the First Wednesday of every 3rd month. Planning this far ahead is always tentative. We are humans and sometimes real life gets in the way. If plans change, it will be announced ahead of time and will happen AFTER the previously mentioned time.

    This reset does NOT include the Frontier. The Frontier Spawns were recently updated, but the world itself does not reset. I will continue my manual cleanup of the Frontier in the areas closest to the spawn to create a safer (and more appealing) atmosphere. As said before, this won't happen overnight, but the results are worth it.
  2. arg! I saw all that red text and thought bad things...

    This is a good time to remind everyone that the waste reset does not negate the current griefing policy. So no trying to 'save' or 'rescue' builds left by others. If they are wiped from existence by the reset then so be it. It wasn't your build to begin with. :p
  3. Great, I've been looking forward to a wastelands reset. Should make FNM a lot easier.
  4. Third. Cant wait to get back out there
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  5. Yaaaaay, now I can actually farm materials again xD
  6. I meant march 4th... (fail)
    Fixed on OP. March 3rd wasn't a Wednesday =P
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  7. so we can still play in the town while it resets ?:)
  8. Still have that to clear up :p
  9. Sounds awesome! Now I can spawn withers without falling into other peoples mines :p
  10. Yeah yeah fixed it...Also had written Friday from before when I was figuring out which day is best.
    Moose is busy with work people Wednesday nights so it's the perfect time for me to be on Minecraft =P
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  11. Yay! New stuffs to get! I'll be sure to have all my getting implements at the ready.:D
    I'm sure you've gotten this before but... What would happen to someone who was there when it gets renewed? I'm assuming ye ole kick would happen but just checking.
  12. They get sent back to town. It's just easier if you move yourself. Makes the server happier...
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  13. Thank you for resetting right when I start my bulk supply :) Very convenient.
  14. When the waste is reset do the biomes and such change or is it just set back to the way it was before?
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  15. If you consider this an "empty" wasteland then I can't wait to experience a full one :)

    I'm as thrilled as anyone else, don't get me wrong, but I also think its fair to say that the wastelands really can provide for everyone. Right now my small mining operation (well, small mining build, my loot is everything but small) sits approx. 500 - 600 blocks from a "certain outpost" and I managed to grab plenty of stuff from there.

    Even found my very first abandoned mineshaft, completely abandoned :) (first time I found one myself on a multiplayer server).

    Now, I'm just kidding here, but: I don't suppose we can bribe the senior staff with extra rupees to copy & paste our mining builds? For example straight into our Utopia residences? ;)

    And like I said; I know the answer and I'm just kidding ;) Because I can see it now: "Yes, my mining build is actually a 50x50 area, all the way down to bedrock. If you could copy & paste that for me that would be sooo helpful" (read: you'd end up doing your mining on your residence, which I don't think is the way it should be).

    This does give me an idea, but that's for another thread...
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  16. You must be some kind of god :3
  17. Nether mining here I come. I'll be back in the Quartz business
  18. They completely change. It makes it fresh and exciting.
  19. Can't wait to get out into the fresh wastelands and do some hardcore mining :D
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