Voting Contest 2019!

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  1. Bad choice, if I may say so. Even disregarding the more than awesome voter's tools, the voter's banners, and the ludicrous amount of rupees you get for the literal few seconds it takes every day, it is good practise to support our favourite server through voting for them to make them more known and hopefully attract more new players. :)
  2. Historically, the tiers that are dependent on TOTAL vote bonus do include all accounts at that level, as long as their account is in good standing (not banned). Even if they are inactive players, they put in the effort and they have the bonus, so they are still included.
    Tier 1 and 2 which are reliant on increases will require active voting.
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  3. Imagine if there was a dirt voters block for 10 votes :p
  4. 1975 and still going - will be well over 2000 by March :)
    I may not play anymore, but voting's an easy way to make sure Casa del Keph and TTB don't go poof from lack of login.
  5. Aww man, I knew I should have voted constantly, never knew this was coming!
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  6. You can do so to prepare for the next one. ;)
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  7. tru dat tru dat

  8. If your rupee page isn't looking like this you need to get moving :p
  9. Welll, its starting to look like that XD
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  10. My token page: :D

  11. I try to vote every day. The other day I saw this . . . :)

  12. I'll share too, here's where I'm at as of today:D When we vote it's good for EMC & you, so get out there and vote!
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