Voting Contest 2019!

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  1. It's helpful yes, however
    My point is that players who vote on alt accounts aren't actually "actual" players. Exemptions are given to family accounts but still...
  2. My alt would take offense to that if he read this. lol xD. For a while my "alt" was actually used as a main account :p.
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  3. For the 3 accounts you own, you are only 1 person ;)
  4. One thing to remember is you don't have to play in-game at all to win. Just voting for the server, to qualify for the drawing. That's the contest.:D

    My alts play!
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  5. How dare you the 3 accounts have there own personality also I got more then 3 :3 :p.
  6. Never got a prize :(
    Not fair, all I got from voting during this event was;
    131,000 Rupees
    17,928 Tokens
    Voters Bow
    Voters Diamond Shovel
    Voters Diamond Diamond Axe
    Numerous Diamonds
    Numerous Emeralds
    Enough vault vouchers so I can now, maybe, finally organise my vault.

    Not forgetting the knowledge that I am helping bring new players to EMC.
  7. ... but docs the best one. ;D
  8. I cannot like this enough. <3
  9. I have yet to get my award, have the prizes been delayed?
  10. Have patients Krysyy is probably really busy irl so give her time to get to them.
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  11. Recovering from a minor plague actually, but I'll be sure to get these by Wednesday. Stand-up desks don't work well when you get woozy if standing more than 5 mins :(
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  12. Hope you feel better krysyy I have a small suggestion: a dirt voter’s block :p
  13. I feel you, sick myself atm. Take as much time as you need
  14. good idea Mr.Villager, we should add that tier for everyone who gets at least a 5 vote increase XD
  15. You get better before trying to play any games. Don't push your self get lots of rest.
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  16. *krysyy- "Yes Doctor."
  17. All prizes sent out :D
  18. Aarrrr! Thanks be to the lucky stars that guides me ship... an Krysyy n crew too!