Voting Contest 2019!

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  1. Huh, interesting! It's counter-intuitive that that's even possible, but I know why it is. :p
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  2. Apologies for being 'that guy' (again?) but although I can understand the urge to get more votes in, wouldn't it make more sense to put those efforts into keeping the fine amounts of new players you already have incoming to stay?

    Don't get me wrong here: these kinds of events can be good for both EMC and the players, so I'm not trying to be negative here. But when I encounter stuff like this:

    Then I cannot help but think that you guys got bigger problems to address. From my uneducated (where Minecraft servers are concerned) point of view this isn't about attracting new players (which you might get with more voting) , it's about persuading those new players to actually continue playing.

    And no offense intended, but this doesn't help either:

    Before anyone asks: I know exactly who this is (which is why I went through some trouble) and no: I will not reveal their identity so don't bother asking.

    My point? Simple: even if you're with others then there's still no guarantee that the games on the games server will actually work:

    What upgrade?! There hasn't been one since forever ;)

    Unfair comment, I know, because I know exactly what upgrade is being referenced here. But sharing that would probably scare away even more players (it's not about 1.13).

    But seriously you guys.. why the heck aren't you focussing attention on these things? These aspects can actually matter to help keep newer players on board. Like it or not but times are changing. Even for survival servers, and most of them provide options to at the very least have an option to play games next to playing survival. EMC's game server doesn't even work, especially for solo players.

    Do you really expect players who stumble upon an empty games server due to boredom to stay onboard?

    I know how my comment looks.. it is not my intention to be so negative nor do I want to rub in the problems. But at the very least try to actually address the problems at hand. Leaving a game which several players might have actually enjoyed broken for several years doesn't help.

    Do you really trying to tell us that all your senior staff combined are unable to fix some very trivial games for the timespan of over one year?! No offense, please try to look past my sneer (apologies) and instead try to focus on how these things looks from an outsiders perspective.

    EMC can be so much more than this in my opinion :(
  3. We are not blind to the issues that you have expressed. However, the community has expressed a desire for another voting contest, so I obliged. It's not an either or situation and it's not actually focused on getting new players. That's just an added side benefit.

    The issues noted with the games server are due to an update, because the command block code isn't the same as when created and broke. The fact of the matter is that we don't want to tape the problem back together by investing hours upon hours to fix the command blocks because with 1.13 it will break again. We also don't have many staff who are familiar with command block coding and ideally would like everything ran without the nasty buggers at all. Just getting the Empire Games Arena area to a performance level that doesn't crash players is my current hurdle....Devs have to finish the stuff on their plate before we can completely do away with command blocks though.

    Furthermore, and I will explain this more in the news from the future section of the March newsletter for those that are interested, the games server is currently under harsh evaluation to change name and instead be more accurately noted as an EVENTS server. When we added the games server, it was in an attempt to give the players a mini-game area because quite a few wanted that area to escape from survival mode and just play games. However, without reliable code for this area, it was patched together with command blocks that unfortunately broke with the last update, and will break more with the next one. Trying to maintain interest in multiple areas of the Minecraft market has proven problematic. We are instead putting effort into changing something that we CAN keep up with, returning to our niche, and keeping in line with what we as a server want to focus on and gear our limited resources towards. We do still plan on having some games available, but they will be through our code primarily.

    So to summarize, yes I see everything you see. However, we are choosing to put our focus into rewarding the current players, reminding players of vote bonus incentives, etc first before we tackle the redirection of the games server.
  4. Your really holding ss to the fix this but in all honesty it's all on devs time and their priority is 1.13 so things get side tracked. (Cough cough dragon tombs)

    But in all honesty, EMC is EMC and they are a business which they have their own agendas to meet. This contest is to hopefully bring in new players and more income to keep this server alive.
  5. I think I managed to increase my streak by 70 :D
    and also got this beauty:
  6. My goal is to double my days. Nearing 1100 days and vote about to hit 1400
  7. Man this contest flew by :D

    My goal was to hit 2500 but I came up 20 votes short since I missed a few votes :p

    Oh well. Good luck too all! :)
  8. 8 days off, still a week in my mind due to I couldn't vote every 16 with my busy schedule. Congrats whoever made it over 70
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  9. I didn't miss a single day. :D
  10. I managed to get a 119 streak increase!:D
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  11. I managed to get the 30 needed to enter but dang i missed several votes because of life...
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  12. I did an 88 streak increase, better than I thought I'd do.
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  13. Soooo who won lol
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  14. Aikar has to pull database data and then we'll use it to determine. Should have results by this weekend.
  15. I'm so bad at voting that not even a contest could get me to vote every day :p
    Good luck to everyone else though!
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  16. I use a timer app on my phone (set to 16 hours) :p it generally works pretty well, though sometimes I forget to start it again (and sometimes I'm busy when it goes off and I only remember until hour 24 when I have to hurry to vote again before I lose the vote increase window) xD

    Edit to add the name of it just in case someone wanted to give it a go: I use "Multi Timer Free" which is for Android... I'm not sure if Apple has an equivalent. It's quite versatile - I have a tea timer (3mins) and a cactus timer (9 days) in addition to the vote timer.
  17. I have two alarms that go every day on my phone, I never miss a day because of it. :) When I'm busy (or lazy) I just snooze them (my snooze time is 10 minutrs), and I have two so that I make sure to vote before midnight (as the 4th voting site doesn't work if you vote once at 1 minute after midnight, and then again later that day, even if it is 1 minute before midnight). :)

  18. All this discussion and just now I realised that I haven't voted (yet) today. :p
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  19. Alarms or timers are the answer. :D
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  20. are they going to be posted here? or somewhere else?