Video Game Music performed on Piano, by 607

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What kind of instrument do you play? (if more applicable, select your main)

Piano, organ, glockenspiel or xylophone. 26 vote(s) 27.4%
Guitar (acoustic or electric). 13 vote(s) 13.7%
Drums or other percussion. 8 vote(s) 8.4%
Cello, violin, or some other string instrument. 10 vote(s) 10.5%
Tuba, Sax, uvonium or some other wind-instrument. 14 vote(s) 14.7%
None. 16 vote(s) 16.8%
One that doesn't fall in the categories above. 8 vote(s) 8.4%
  1. Wait... is the name "a hidden figure"?!?
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  2. Yup, at first the answer was supposed to be 'Rudy', but then I realised that he is not actually called that yet in Wario Land 3... so I changed the answer, and added the word 'original'.
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  3. SCARY

    "This cover is almost a year old at the time I upload this. Last Summer, I lost an entire session of covers when my family went on vacation and took the camera with them, and I rerecorded most of them later that summer, using another camera. Not this one, though, as I forgot how it went and I was expecting to find the footage again later. I did find the covers again when I was sorting my family's pictures, a few months ago, but at that point I had got my new laptop, but hadn't yet fixed its GPU issues. Now that I finally have, here's the cover. It's very simple. So I had some fun with the editing and thumbnail. ;)

    I do like this theme, it's very functional in-game. It's not too interesting to play, though, and because of its style, simplicity and partial repetition not the easiest to remember (muscle memory won't kick in, I suppose). But it is a nice piece by Kozue Ishikawa, and I wanted to cover it. :)

    Be the first to answer the following question correctly in the comments to earn 7 CP: How many times does Wario get hit in the video?"
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  4. Awesome music 607! I believe Wario was hit 5 times
  5. That is incorrect! Well, the second part at least. :p Rhy gave the right answer, which is just 4 times.
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  6. Ah, I forgot to post the first Lucky Luke video here!
    Here are the first two, then. I'm hoping to record many more this summer! :)

    "This is the first video to come out of a project long in the making. I started arranging this soundtrack almost a year ago, by this point. I finished it over half a year ago, too, but I still have to do a lot of practice! I actually recorded the first two videos in April, though. But I couldn't edit the videos until I got my new laptop fixed (unless I did it from my parental home, which I haven't spent a lot of time at since then). Here is the first of them! I'm currently on vacation in England, in a cottage without a piano... I hope I'll be able to get enough practice in the rest of the summer to record some more videos! As there's a lot to be done, and I do want to finish this project! :)

    I picked this as the beginning of the series because the Game Over theme was actually the first theme I arranged, and because if you play the game you'll probably hear it a lot. ;) And the Life Lost theme is nice too, which I added in here at the beginning. For the footage there I picked what I found the funniest death in the game. If I recall correctly, the first time I got to this level I had only one life left, and I died to this. :p

    This soundtrack was composed by Alberto José González. It's amazing, and you'll hopefully see the rest of it in this form on my channel soon. :)
    Someone recommended to me to record at angles to include my body, and that sounded like a good idea. It gives me more incentive to play with feeling, as you can actually see it. ;) In the Peace Restored cover I also played with emotion, but you can't tell just by looking at my hands.

    I don't have particular analysis of the theme or my rendition of it that I feel I should share here.

    Be the first to answer the following question correctly to get 6 CP: in what years was this game released? (two years)" (the CP question was already answered by Rhy!)

    "Here is my cover of the title theme to this game!
    It's quite a fun one. The only tricky bit is the run at the end (first played at 0:23). At first I actually didn't include that in the arrangement, but after a short time I decided I should learn it, as it's very fun and perfectly doable.
    I'm hoping to record another batch of covers soon! It includes the rather tricky World Map theme, though... but I can practice that as often as I want to, now. ;)
    I decided not to make a thumbnail for this one, as I think it looks a bit ugly on the previous video. It's too busy, I guess. What do you think?

    Be the first to give the correct answer to the following question in the comments to earn 6 CP: How many layers of scrolling stones are there on the title screen? I love this 3D effect so much!!"

    So which thumbnail style do you think is better? :)
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  7. I'd say the second, less busy one is better - it's a bit easier to read and is clearly able to show what song is being played while also showing who is playing it.
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  8. I agree. I undid the custom thumbnail on the first one. :)
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  9. "A few weeks ago, I had another recording session! I managed to record a whole 4 successful performances. Great! :D
    The light however wasn't so great as because of various hindrances throughout the day I started setting up at 5 PM, while I usually record in the early afternoon. To make the video look less dreary I did some colour correcting and upped the saturation, which makes the piano look a lot better but my shirt look very blue. :p Oh well! As long as the sound is good... ;)

    This is a fun track! It has also got a counter melody, but playing this melody by itself was difficult enough. ;) It's especially tricky because of the strange rhythm.
    It's a lot of fun, though! The ending is tough but very satisfying to get.
    I recall that I spent quite some time figuring out the fingering for some parts, as I had to be able to smoothly transition between different chords.

    Be the first to answer the following question correctly in the comments to earn 6 CP: What is the (incorrect) password I entered in the video footage? You'll need to give the actual names of the characters, not a description. ;) (I'm sure you can look them up if you don't know them!)"
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  10. Dang, why haven't I known about this thread until just today?!?

    Impressive stuff 607, I'm curious what songs you have planned for the future.~ ^^
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  11. I have no idea; at least you must not have looked at the The Jukebox section then, ever. :p

    Thanks! For now, the rest of the Lucky Luke soundtrack. ;) I'm also practising some other arrangements, but I haven't done any big new arrangements since starting the Lucky Luke soundtrack, as I would like to finish that. :)
    Edit: Ah, one of the arrangements I've been practising is one I think you know! It's the main theme from Ice Age on GBA.
  12. Ah yes, the GBA Ice Age music. That's how you know it's the real 607~

    I'm curious what you will do for that game, yet I look forward to it at the same time. I've played the game and (while I didn't enjoy it much), the music I remember. I look forward to what you have in store for us! :)
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  13. Next one! I'm not sure why it took me two months to upload it, and it's not very convenient as I now have two more tracks left to upload, while I am planning to record new covers next week. :p

    "The second video of August's recording session. This was a tough one!
    This is a fun tune, because while playing the game, you won't hear it in full unless you wait on one of the cutscene or world map screens. And it makes you think that you _have_ heard the full tune, because the first part repeats twice... and then suddenly, you get a wacky lead! It's almost ridiculous, but it fits the game well!
    That part took a lot of practice to play, though. This is mostly because it is very fast. And funnily enough, when I finally recorded this, I actually played it _too_ fast: the original is a bit slower. :p There is a tendency for this to happen: when I practise a theme I start by playing it slow, and as I get it in my fingers, I start progressively getting faster again, up to the original speed. Except I don't stop there, but unconsciously keep playing faster and faster. ;P
    To counter that issue for my next recording session, I now practise with a metronome at least half of the time. Hopefully this makes the original tempo get in my muscle memory as well.
    But I am still happy with this performance, as it is a fun one! And if I get all too precise about my exact performance, I might never finish this project. ;)
    Enjoy, and thanks to Alberto José González for composing!

    To earn 6 CP, be the first to put the names of all the outlaws besides the Daltons you have to defeat in this game in the comments (the answer is given in this video, although not explicitly!)."
  14. Interesting game, I've never heard of it before the music sounds interesting~
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  15. I think it's the best non-Nintendo platformer on the GBC! I haven't played all though, of course (possibly quite significantly, I have never played Shantae because it is unaffordable).
    And Alberto José González is one of the best composers. I wonder if you played any of the other games he composed for? As a kid, I played Asterix & Obelix on the PC, which also had his music. :) I never got beyond the second level, though, so I didn't hear too many tracks. :p
    Edit: You will see some of the gameplay soon enough, I suppose. ;)