Video Game Music performed on Piano, by 607

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What kind of instrument do you play? (if more applicable, select your main)

Piano, organ, glockenspiel or xylophone. 25 vote(s) 26.6%
Guitar (acoustic or electric). 13 vote(s) 13.8%
Drums or other percussion. 8 vote(s) 8.5%
Cello, violin, or some other string instrument. 10 vote(s) 10.6%
Tuba, Sax, uvonium or some other wind-instrument. 14 vote(s) 14.9%
None. 16 vote(s) 17.0%
One that doesn't fall in the categories above. 8 vote(s) 8.5%
  1. Wait... is the name "a hidden figure"?!?
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  2. Yup, at first the answer was supposed to be 'Rudy', but then I realised that he is not actually called that yet in Wario Land 3... so I changed the answer, and added the word 'original'.
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  3. SCARY

    "This cover is almost a year old at the time I upload this. Last Summer, I lost an entire session of covers when my family went on vacation and took the camera with them, and I rerecorded most of them later that summer, using another camera. Not this one, though, as I forgot how it went and I was expecting to find the footage again later. I did find the covers again when I was sorting my family's pictures, a few months ago, but at that point I had got my new laptop, but hadn't yet fixed its GPU issues. Now that I finally have, here's the cover. It's very simple. So I had some fun with the editing and thumbnail. ;)

    I do like this theme, it's very functional in-game. It's not too interesting to play, though, and because of its style, simplicity and partial repetition not the easiest to remember (muscle memory won't kick in, I suppose). But it is a nice piece by Kozue Ishikawa, and I wanted to cover it. :)

    Be the first to answer the following question correctly in the comments to earn 7 CP: How many times does Wario get hit in the video?"
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  4. Awesome music 607! I believe Wario was hit 5 times
  5. That is incorrect! Well, the second part at least. :p Rhy gave the right answer, which is just 4 times.
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