Video Game Music performed on Piano, by 607

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What kind of instrument do you play? (if more applicable, select your main)

Piano, organ, glockenspiel or xylophone. 26 vote(s) 26.5%
Guitar (acoustic or electric). 14 vote(s) 14.3%
Drums or other percussion. 8 vote(s) 8.2%
Cello, violin, or some other string instrument. 11 vote(s) 11.2%
Tuba, Sax, uvonium or some other wind-instrument. 14 vote(s) 14.3%
None. 17 vote(s) 17.3%
One that doesn't fall in the categories above. 8 vote(s) 8.2%
  1. Canon in D is one of my favorite compositions, and you've certainly done it justice :) great job.
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  2. I'm not, although we do have a drum set that nobody's using. :$ And an accordeon... I think I'd rather pick that up. :p
    Thank you!
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