Video Game Music performed on Piano, by 607

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What kind of instrument do you play? (if more applicable, select your main)

Piano, organ, glockenspiel or xylophone. 27 vote(s) 27.3%
Guitar (acoustic or electric). 14 vote(s) 14.1%
Drums or other percussion. 8 vote(s) 8.1%
Cello, violin, or some other string instrument. 11 vote(s) 11.1%
Tuba, Sax, uvonium or some other wind-instrument. 14 vote(s) 14.1%
None. 17 vote(s) 17.2%
One that doesn't fall in the categories above. 8 vote(s) 8.1%
  1. Canon in D is one of my favorite compositions, and you've certainly done it justice :) great job.
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  2. I'm not, although we do have a drum set that nobody's using. :$ And an accordeon... I think I'd rather pick that up. :p
    Thank you!
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  3. "This is a performance of my arrangement of the Alberto J. González composition that plays in the Cheyenne Mountains level. The performance is not flawless (with one obvious mistake), but I am happy with it, because it is quite tricky. ;) I did once again play significantly too fast. :p I got another nice take later, maybe a better one, but the piano was making strange sounds which got picked up by the camera's microphone, and that was unpleasant to listen to (it actually happened a bit already when I recorded this, hopefully you aren't bothered by it!).
    This was the tune that was hardest to arrange for piano. I won't go through the decisions I made here, but I think the arrangement turned out quite well.
    I really like the part of the tune that is the first motif but higher, with the higher notes in between. I didn't play those at first, but they make it a lot more fun.
    The hardest part to play for me are the rapidly repeated octaves. It did become a lot easier when I found out that there was one less hit than I thought (I used to play one on the beat instead of starting after it). It's probably still not great. :p
    A fun tune, though, quite dark compared to the others! Next up is my favourite track from the soundtrack. :) (but I'll probably upload some other piano videos first)

    Be the first to put the answer to the following question in the comments to earn 6 CP: what is the animal seen in the game footage? You don't have to be specific (eg. if you think it's a pigeon you should say 'bird')."
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  4. Looks like a snake to me! I like that song - I don't think I've heard it before!
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  5. You didn't know any of the other tunes on the soundtrack, did you? ;)
    That's right, I updated the YouTube description to let people know that someone gave the answer already. :)
  6. I did not :p

  7. "I bought a microphone! :D Enjoy the higher quality audio, and actually being able to hear the dynamics. ;) The only downside is the squeaking of the chair is a bit more noticeable. :p
    This is Jail, by Alberto J. González. It is my favourite theme to play in the Lucky Luke soundtrack. The main theme at the beginning is very fun, the high parts are very fun, and the low intermezzo is also very fun! It's all very fun. ;) I hope you enjoy. :)
    I was going to record this together with Cheyenne Mountains, but just before recording I listened to the original one more time, and suddenly heard that I had made two mistakes in my arrangement. I tried to play it without those mistakes, but it was hard to get used to playing it differently, so I left it for another time. It's good I did, as otherwise I probably would've used the camera audio from then. ;) The dynamics aren't very important in this arrangement, but the clearer audio and less noise (I normally applied noise reduction in Audacity but I don't even need to do that anymore now) should be very welcome. :)
    I actually quite like the Jail level, but you don't see anything of it in this video. :p At the end of it there is a boss rush (which I really liked), and that takes me so long that it takes up all of the video. It's really hard too, so it took me a bunch of attempts to be able to record this! (I did make a save state shortly before the start of the boss rush)
    I wanted to include the level clear theme before the Credits theme, but I found out it fit better at the end of the Jail theme. Almost like it was made as an ending to this track specifically, right? But it is actually used in every level. It was very hard to play because of the very fast glissando/portamento/whatever you call it. I got decent at it eventually, although in this take I might've missed the first note. :p The last note is the most important to hit, anyway, and I often failed at that as well, so I was happy with this! ;)

    Be the first to put the answer to the following question in the comments to earn 6 CP: at what time do I laugh at the camera because of a stumble my fingers made?

    PS: Something about the sound doesn't sound quite natural, although it does sound good. I put the microphone under the piano, next to the pedals, in this session. Does anyone think there would be a better spot for it? I only have one, so I can't put one on the left and one on the right."
  8. Sounded great! even your playing has improved since the first time I heard you play.:D
    The time was at 1:46 to answer the question.
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  9. The time for the stumble and your reaction: 1:45-1:46

    The sound quality is lit though! I'm sure you may want to play around with it to see where it's best seated for optimal sound, but tbh, this was really good! Thank you for sharing! :)
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  10. You both are right, but luckycordel was first. ;)
    Thank you both for the feedback! Glad to hear it sounds good. :)
    I would like to experiment with the microphone location, but considering that I don't have a long tripod for it I can't really put it in the air. :p
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