Video Game Music performed on Piano, by 607

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Yes, yes, yes! I finally got around to doing this!
    I hope you'll be seeing more of this in the future.

    "KK Aria (Aircheck) from Animal Crossing.
    Composed by Kazumi Totaka, arranged by The Deku Trombonist, and performed by 607 (me).
    I apologise for the bad camera quality, I couldn't both play the piano and operate the camera at once :p
    I'm also sorry the D1 has such a "tack!" to it, but this is the piano I'm used to playing, and that's why I used this one. It shouldn't be too bad anyway, and the tones sound quite good.

    Anyway, I'm very happy to finally upload this! I have been wanting to upload video game music played on piano for a really long time now, but I was afraid the piano sounded too bad, because of the *tack!* from that one key. But I figured: "Ah, I shouldn't be so picky, it's not that bad. I should just record it, it's better than nothing.". And so I did!
    I originally learnt to play this after I coincidentally discovered Animal Crossing had been a big part of the youth of a friend of mine. Unfortunately her Nintendo DS since broke, so she couldn't play it anymore. It was her birthday a few weeks after, and I decided to learn something from Animal Crossing for the occasion.
    I've never played it myself, but I am quite interested in the series. If I'll ever get a Nintendo DS myself, I'll probably get an Animal Crossing game for it."
  2. Nice to see that others play the piano, personally I enjoyed playing ragtime. Sadly been years.
    Have a few electric guitars and a mustang III amp, few pedals, and trying to pick it up, but no spare time lately.

    +1 on performing an animal crossing tune!
    I literally have my GC + the original animal crossing complete with animal crossing memory card on top of my computer, hooked up to my TV that rests above the computer.

    Nice, relaxing game to derp about a town to fish, dig dirt, and find ways to stuff excess into envelopes to store at the post office (ya, you get it if you played the game).
    Forget which for the DS I got.

    Nice 607. Now what piano is that?
    Tick, what tick?
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  3. Nice socks :p
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  4. Thanks, somebody else also commented about it :p

    Oh, ragtime! I absolutely love the sound of it, but it's quite difficult to play. I might once try it. Have you seen Tom Brier? There are videos of him sight-reading ragtime arrangements of video game music on YouTube, he's really good.

    Well, the D1 makes a tacking sound (not sure if described right) if you hit it hard, and I thought it'd bug people. You can hear it a couple times in this video.
  5. I could never sight read. I could only play by ear and 'reading' was note by note.
    Once I got thru something, it was memorized and re-played at will.
    Used to do some (simple) competitions and they looked at me like I was dumb as I didn't bother putting a book up when playing 6 different songs.
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  6. Same. But what would you expect, I've never really followed lessons. I'm trying to learn reading sheet music more fluently though, as I think it'd surely be a wise investment. I also have to play things for school, but I mostly play for fun.
    Also, I always put up a book with completely different music than what I'm playing, just so there's a book there and it looks normal xD (you can see that in this video as well, that's why I never looked at that thing :p)
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  7. "This theme may sound simple at first, but it's quite suspenseful. With the right instrument, and together with the percussion, this track adds quite some atmosphere when you feel you're going to face a boss.
    You may hear a few weird sounds, which were caused by me removing the static with Audacity, but failing to remove some of it around the notes. Anyway, it's not too bad."

  8. "Skip to 0:45 for the actual playing.
    A really nice theme from Koji Kondo! I've loved this track since childhood, even though I only recently got an N64. How? super Mario 63! It's a great flash game by Runouw, you should check it out. It's a combination of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, two dimensional.
    This piece may seem simple, but the rhythm is actually quite difficult to play correctly. I think I did an okay job on it, though.
    You'll get 2 Club Points (used for various things on my channel) if you're the first to post in the comments the amount of stars I had in Super Mario 64 at the moment we recorded this."

  9. This is the start of the Wario Land Medley! I'll have more videos coming, featuring Wario Land 3, Wario Land II and Super Mario Land 3.
    This one, like the others, was composed by Kozue Ishikawa. She did a good job on it!
    It plays at the world map, during the day. I like it a lot.
    This was played at a real piano, at my grandparents'. Do you like it, or prefer our electrical one?
    I also chose to zoom in more for this video, and used a tripod, so you can actually see the keys instead of me.

    PS: oh, and I'm sorry for the sniff at the beginning. I'm not sure who that was. Oh well, I think you shouldn't complain about it, it only makes it sound more real instead of sequenced ;)
  10. Wow, your amazing at piano, I see a bright future for you and expect at least 1 company sign you =P
  11. Thank you!
    Haha, I'm not too sure about that, but I'll take that as a compliment! :)
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  12. I don't know about our fellow pianists, inculding me, but I stick to dem classical pieces. Great playing! Man, it's been. While since I've played animal crossing. I personally like the music from the 'Legend of Zelda' franchise. I like the sense of the bold, yet peaceful classical music. Just a random fun fact, the original Legend of Zelda theme was going to be a piece of music not created by the developers. They realized, on the day before the release, it was copyrighted. Like they say, Rome wasn't build in a day, but the Legend of Zelda was created in a day. I do play some video game pieces, mainly Nintendo. (Sorry, can't list the composers nor the people who arranged them.) This is all piano, btw.

    -Gerudo Valley
    -Midna's Lament
    -Ballad of the Goddess
    -Earthbound: smiles and tears.
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  13. I should definitely play some Zelda once. I think there's a very great chance you will see some coming in the future!
    You'll see at least one classical piece as well.
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  14. Jammin, Keep it up!:D
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  15. "Aaaah, finally! The second part of the Wario Land medley! I would've loved to get around to doing this much earlier, but it just didn't work out. Anyway, here it is.
    This one is not too difficult, but certainly very fun to play! At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do the alarm clock, but I figured out something that sounded kind of like it. And I must say, it adds quite a lot to it.
    For those who didn't know: One Noisy Morning is the first level of Wario Land II, and in it you wake Wario up and he needs to crush a giant alarm clock to beat the level. [SPOILER ALERT] Another neat thing is that if you let Wario stay asleep instead of actually playing the level normally and just wait, you actually beat the level, and an alternate storyline gets activated. Got to love this game!
    The first one to write the correct answer to the following question in the comment section of this video on YouTube, will get 10 Club Points. Club Points can be used for various things on my channel, including choosing a theme for me to cover on piano next (more information at "Which keys did I play to do the alarm clock sound?"
    Have fun watching this video, and be sure to watch the previous video as well, which covered the Day Map Theme from Wario Land 3. Also, if you want to be notified of future uploads, feel free to subscribe ;)"
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  16. Can you play this?
  17. I used to play drums but stopped and I used to play keyboard in school. I may come back to drumming and keyboard but I don't really feel like it :p

    Can you play this?

  18. Hm, it sounds difficult, but I do like it. Perhaps I could. That doesn't mean I will, though.
    Hm, that's an interesting one. I'm not too sure.
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  19. Wow 607, that sounds great!
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  20. Thanks! :D