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  1. "This level seems like an afterthought; the music however does not suggest that. :) Although it might have been composed in a very short time as well, as while the music is soothing it is fairly simple. Because it is also fairly short and not too hard to play, I decided to play it twice, before this performance. For the arrangement, I decided to play octaves with the right hand. I don't think that is faithful to the original, but it makes it sound a lot more lush and that's good. :) (in the original, the string samples make it sound so lush)
    I hope you enjoy!

    Be the first to post the timestamp for the following in the comments to earn 6 CP: when did I, in the gameplay footage, use a trick you might find in a speedrun of the game to skip obtaining the white nut? You do not need to have speedrunning knowledge in order to answer this; if you watch the video you should be able to figure out what's intended by the developers, and then what's _not_ intended will follow. ;)"

    That's it for the Ice Age covers, for now... whenever I have the time and energy for it I practise the last two Lucky Luke themes, and quite a long and regal soundtrack to one of the Dizzy games!
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  2. "Having almost finished up the Lucky Luke project, in July I was listening to a rip of the soundtrack and came across a track that didn't seem familiar. An unused track? :eek: Yes, it turned out!
    I figured I should arrange that too, and so I did. It required me to learn a new technique, though, for the fast part! I couldn't figure out how to do it myself, but found a good video on YouTube, by LivingPianosVideos. I've got to say, and you can hear, that I haven't at all mastered the technique yet, but I have improved a lot throughout the months! It got to a point where I was content with it, could finally play the Credits theme well, and had time to record. I decided to just go for it. ;)
    As it happened, one of the notes on the piano was audibly out of tune. This is a bit strange, because it was tuned two months before. I hope it's not too big of a deal to anyone. :) This is a fun track, and although it is not technically part of the game I wanted to include it, because Alberto J. González did compose it for the game!
    Look forward to the epic finale of this project. :)

    Hm, I'm having trouble thinking of a question for this one. :p Make up a level theme in which this track might play to earn 6 CP. If you don't know Lucky Luke, you can make up anything that fits the theme of the music. :) Multiple people can get this reward!"
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  3. "This is it! The finale of what is probably the biggest single music-related project I've taken on so far. I have arranged and performed the entire soundtrack of Lucky Luke, composed by Alberto J. González. :)
    When I started this project, I had not beaten the game yet, and as I wanted to avoid spoilers I did not listen to the soundtrack either. As I was making progress arranging the soundtrack, I started wondering about the credits track. I was expecting it to be pretty grand and energetic, and thought it might be hard to arrange and/or play. Well, when I did eventually beat the game, and heard the theme, what I heard was exactly in line with my expectations. :p The theme is very good (it is in my top 15 credits themes, see, but it is hard to play too, indeed!
    The track contains such tricky rhythms that, whereas I usually arrange straight into performance, I now wrote down the music in notes first (using MuseScore 3 (or 2 if 3 wasn't yet out at that time :p)). This helped a lot with learning it! The arpeggios near the end were still very hard to learn to play well, though, more so in combination with the left hand rhythms. I still haven't mastered them, as you can see, but I think they are tolerable. :)

    I hope you enjoyed my performances and arrangements! Let me know if you would like the sheet music to this particular arrangement.

    To earn 6 CP, be the first person to give a remark about something that happened after the performance (turn up the volume if you need to ;))."

    I probably won't record new videos this vacation, but I do have some from November still!
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  4. "This is one that had been in the works for a while. I made this simple arrangement of the theme of Nitrome's Colourblind game several years ago. I practised it on and off, as the only part that's really difficult is the very last part. However, when I was going to record the performance, I was listening to the track one more time and found out that I had arranged the last part incorrectly... I fixed it on the spot, but then had to practise the fixed version. Lots of time passed but I finally did it. However, at that point I got a microphone, and in this cover the lack of dynamics was very noticeable. I put quite some effort into playing it dynamically, but the camera levels it all out. So I decided I had to redo it with the microphone, and thus practise it again.
    But hey, here it is. ;) It is a lovely theme! And I really like the mechanic of the two variations. In the game, sometimes there is colour, and sometimes there isn't, and when there is you hear a different arrangement than when there isn't. You can find both versions on my channel, I uploaded them years ago. For this cover I did both in a row, and I edited the video so that it is clearly visible which one I am playing. ;) I actually arranged the coloured version first.
    There are a few mistakes in this performance, and I started a fourth take, but I messed up early on and stuck with this one. It's not a very difficult piece, but it's so long... :p And it's annoying that the very last part is by far the hardest to do. ;)

    An easy question, this time: be the first to post the time mark of when the coloured version of the theme starts to earn 6 CP."
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  5. "When I was preparing for a recording session, last November, there was a fourth arrangement that I was intending to perform. However, when the opportunity to record got closer, I decided that I hadn't yet mastered the song well enough. In fact, I'm still practising it now. ;) I decided that instead, so I would have plenty to record to make setting up worth the time, I would arrange this short song. It was not quite as easy to play as expected, with the bit at the end being so fast, and the part before it being fairly tricky as well. But because it was so short I did not need to have perfect consistency to be able to perform it; I just played it a few times until I got through it without mistakes. ;)
    This is a really fun theme! It is interesting that the first part is built on the so-called tritone, famously called 'the devil in music'. I also like that two thirds of the tune are, besides that interval, quite modest in style, for the last third to be quite a bit more involved, with the last sixth clearly being the climax. This tune also loops 'back to the start' really nicely. I would've gladly played it several times, were it not that my consistency wouldn't allow for doing so without several mistakes in the performance. ;) I did add the tritone once more at the end, because I felt like the theme asked for it. Isn't that crazy? A piece of music _asking_ for a tritone? ;P
    Oh, also, planning to perform this theme is why I was wearing my Mainline Mario Marathon shirt for this session. ;)
    This was the last video from November; I am currently practising three performances that have all been in the making for more than a year. Maybe when I have settled on a recording date I'll add a short and easier arrangement to that set too. ;)

    Be the first to put the year of release of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe in the comments to earn 6 CP. (

    PP: Ah, I just remembered! The main reason this track is more difficult to perform than I had expected is that at first arrangement I did not realise that the melody is doubled up on for the last measure. This made that a lot more tricky to play, because I had to play the melody and the fast pedal note with one hand."
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