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  1. EMC Shopkeeper

    A utility for viewing your EMC shop transactions. It groups all your transactions by item or by player, telling you how many rupees you made off each item.


    first-update-warning.png update-dialog.png items-table.png players-table.png dates-table.png payment-transactions.png chat-log.png inventory1.png inventory2.png inventory3.png bonuses-fees.png charts-net-total.png charts-item-groups.png charts-items.png

    Current version: 0.5.27 (February 24, 2021)

    Project Page:
    Source Code:


    See the Project Page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    As many of you know, I have a shop on SMP5 (10117). It has been in operation for just over one year.

    I was curious to know exactly how many items my shop sold and how many rupees my shop made, so I wrote a program which downloads my entire transaction history (over 4,000 pages long) and puts it into a database.

    Here are some of my findings. I hope you find them interesting/useful. :) I was surprised at how much wheat I sold. :eek:

    Top 10 Most Popular Items
    1. Wheat
    2. Cobblestone
    3. Oak Log
    4. Stone
    5. Stone Brick
    6. Glass
    7. Pine Log
    8. Birch Log
    9. Sand
    10. Sugar Cane
    Top 10 Most Profitable Items
    1. Diamond
    2. Iron Ingot
    3. Glowstone
    4. Exp Bottle
    5. Emerald
    6. Wheat
    7. Villager Egg
    8. Emerald Block
    9. Oak Log
    10. Stone Brick
    Most Popular Log Type:Oak

    Most Popular Music Disc: Cat

    Most Popular Animal Egg: Villager

    I've put the program on Github if you are interested in using it yourself or if you are a programmer and want to contribute code. At the moment, it requires some technical knowledge to use, but I am working on a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) to make it easier to use.
  2. Yeah, cat's my favorite too. :p
  3. Please make it user friendly! That would so handy, great job on programming this. :)
  4. Thanks. I'm still working on it. I'll post when it's done.
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  5. I like Chirp the best. :p
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  6. 'Fraid since my two brain ops, (and old age lol) my programming skills have long since departed :( Now, if it was written in COBOL or Easycoder :eek: - well....
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  7. It obviously depends on what you price the items too :p.

    However I agree on Oak and Villager
  8. Nice!
    G0od job :)
  9. Wow! Hopefully this becomes user friendly fast, I would love to see some peoples, like Alex or Faith ;)
  10. Hm, wheat sells? Noted.
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  11. I haven't tried it yet but have a few questions.

    Is the program standalone or does it output something like a .csv file? Are your statements based directly from the output or based on observations? Can you tell who made the purchases? Like was the wheat popular because of the amount you sold or because many people bought it?
  12. Right now, you run it from the command-line and it outputs the results there. For the GUI, I plan on putting the results in a table of some sort. And yes, I'd like to add the ability to export the data to CSV and other formats.

    It comes directly from the data. For the most popular items, I simply sorted the data by number of items sold. For the most profitable, I sorted the data by the amount of rupees I earned from selling each item.

    Yes, it also records the name of the player who initiated the transaction. I plan on adding the ability to see who your best customers and suppliers are, as well as what your best selling items are.

    The reason why wheat is so high might be because I have been selling it the longest. When I first started my shop, I pretty much only sold farm-based items. I also have a large wheat farm, so I always have wheat in stock. Wheat was also very popular for a week or two when villager trading was introduced.
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  13. I just realized I didn't answer your question. >.<

    The "Top 10 Most Popular" list is based on the amount of wheat sold, not on the amount people who bought it. So technically, one person could have bought all that wheat. :)
  14. In which laungange is the program coded in?
  15. Java (just like Minecraft ;))
  16. Nice one! When its user friendly i will start using this! :D (I have almost no knowledge of Java)
  17. For your stats, is it possible to divide them by time periods? Like per month, or per year? If not, that might be a future feature request for ya. :p
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  18. Right now, it puts all the results in a table and sorts by item name. I might add the ability to group by month at a later time. My main focus at the moment is on making the app useable.
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  19. Version 0.1 is complete.

    This version allows you to download your shop transactions and query them by date. It groups the transactions by item, allowing you to see how many rupees you earned from each item.

    You can also export to CSV (for viewing them in a spreadsheet app, like Microsoft Excel) and BB Code (for sharing your transactions here on the forums).


    emc-shopkeeper1.png emc-shopkeeper2.png

    To run EMC Shopkeeper, click the link below to download the startup file. Then, double click the file to run it.

    You will see a security warning appear. This warning appears because EMC Shopkeeper requires permission to download your transactions from EMC and to save your transactions to your hard drive.

    Alternatively, you can also download the full JAR file. Double-click the JAR file to run it.
  20. i would like to see the emc shops history :p