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  1. This thread is outdated, and has been replaced with Raaynn's new thread here.
    This thread has not been updated since 9 June 2018. As of 11 January 2020, this thread is being slowly updated.
    Sections that are updated: Admin, Devs.
    Sections to be updated: SS, Mods, Former, Alts.

    Check out the Staff Signature Acquisition Thread by q1zx at emc.gs/t/75858!

    In the following order:
    • Admins
    • Senior Staff
    • Developers
    • Moderators
    Senior Staff:
    • AlexC__: There are likely about 20-30 around
    • B4DMAN5IMON: Only one in existence
    • BigDavie: Prize for staff event
    • The_Boulder: Prize for staff PvP event
    • chickeneer: Will trade heads if asked nicely
    • ElfinPineapple: Obtainable by killing him at a staff-hosted PvP event
    • Eviltoade: Prize for personal events
    • JDHallows: Prize at staff event
    • Hashhog: Has a few floating around, might sell at museum for 50k
    • ItsMeMatheus: Selling for 2M at 3016
    • RainbowChin: At least 60 exist
      • PvP Head: Prize for staff PvP event "Kill That Chin".
    • chickeneer: Will trade heads if asked nicely
    • MrSocks75: unknown
    • WA9ACE: A couple may exist
    • AncientTower: Selling for 2,000,000r at 4945, 1 exists.
    • AnonReturns: At least 10 in circulation
    • Baradar67: Given out at choice events, as is his signature
    • BreezyMan: Given out at Staff vs The World PVP events. Only about 15 heads floating around now.
    • BurgerKnight:
      • Green: Approx. a dozen in circulation
      • Orange: Will exchange for 1 compliment given in Town Chat. Also may be given for completing a task for BK. Also selling for 2k at 5688 on Utopia.
    • carolmoss: There are heads in circulation, but she does not give them out. She may give a signature if asked politely.
    • crystaldragon13: 14 heads in circulation from Halloween '17. A few old orange heads in circulation.
    • Dramanya: Prize for staff events
    • EmperorMelon: Not giving out
    • fBuilderS: 10-15 exist
    • FDNY21: Sells at smp9 museum for 400k
    • JackBiggin: Will sell head, but price is constantly changing.
    • JohnKid: Quite a few around.
    • Luckygreenbird:
      • Green: Will give head if asked politely.
      • Red: For sale for 500k.
    • Melk73: Obtainable by completing his maze (at 2378) and his parkour (at 2376) and then turning in tickets to Melk
    • MercenaryCrow: Occasionally offers as a prize for randomly chosen (by self) staff events
    • NickkG: Only 3 exist as of last asking
    • weeh: Free to museums, otherwise unknown

    Retired Admin/SS
    • JustinGuy: None exist :/ sorry
    • GameKribJeremy: None exist :/ sorry
    • IceCreamCow: 2 EMCCon 2012 Icecreamcow's Head exist (more info here) but otherwise unknown.
    • Maxarias: Only promos exist. Maxarian head promos average 80k
    • AusQB: None exist :/ sorry
    • Dark_Liz: None exist :/ sorry
    • GameKribJim: At least a few exist
    • shaunwhite1982: A few are in circulation
    • ignoramoose: unknown
    Other Links
    • mjnoe70's "[price inquiry] staff heads" thread: emc.gs/t/73297, this values staff heads.
    • LoneStarInc's "Staff Head Acquisition Information" thread: emc.gs/t/55399, this thread is a remake of LoneStarInc's thread, in which he has gone inactive.

    • Aikar's Alts:
      • EmpireMinecraft: N/A
    • RainbowChin's Alts:
      • MoonbowChin: A few in circulation
      • Aikarias: N/A
      • DerelictPolicy: N/A
      • ForumUser: N/A
    • AlexC__ Prev. Name and Alts:
      • Prev. Name:
        • AlexChance: N/A
      • Alts:
        • AlexMcAlexFace: N/A
        • EnragedAlex: N/A
    • ElfinPineapple Prev. Name:
      • ElfinPineapple0: A couple exist, unsure of method of acquisition.
    • Hashhog's Prev. Name and Alts:
      • Prev. Name:
        • hashhog3000: N/A
      • Alts:
        • TheApostrophe: N/A
        • GoldenHashhog: N/A
    • The_Boulder's Alts:
      • The_Pebble: Available for purchase for 2r at 5688 (Only 10 avail. per month)
    • ItsMeMatheus's Alts:
      • EMC: Fairly rare, to some extent.
    • chickeneer's Alts:
      • ChickenEar: N/A
      • duckeneer: N/A
      • pigeoneer: N/A
      • turkeneer: N/A
      • EyeCar: None exist
    • JDHallows' Prev. Names and Alts:
      • Prev. Names:
        • JDHallow: N/A on exact amount, but these heads probably won't be released again
        • jhall10: Quite a few exist
      • Alts:
        • ProfessorHallows: None exist
        • DarkLordHallows: None exist
        • WeasleyHallows: None exist
    • RogueRevan's Prev. Name:
      • C0deMaver1ck: None exist
    • AncientTower's Alts and Prev. Names:
      • Alts:
        • AncientHalloween: 13 in circulation
        • AncientValentine: N/A
        • Tower_: None exist
      • Prev. Name AND Alt Names:
        • CallMeTower: (Alt) At least 32 exist.
      • Prev. Name:
        • ChristmasTower: 6 exist. No longer obtainable.
    • BurgerKnight's Prev. Names:
      • BlackKnight1021: 5k
      • KnightyNight: 5k
    • carolmoss's Alts:
      • TheMossMonster: 13 exist from a giveaway around Halloween '17.
      • Sammerz: None known to be in existence.
    • EmperorMelon's Prev. Names:
      • Manchildie: N/A
      • ArchdukeMelon: N/A
    • JohnKid's Prev. Names:
      • ThatSillyJohnKid: Quite a few exist.
    • Sachrock's Alts:
      • If it begins with Deco_, it has a lot of heads in existence. And I mean a LOT.
    • weeh's Alts:
      • w33h: N/A
      • _weeh_: N/A

    Admin section at v3.0.0, everything else v2.12.3
    Please note that I am not responsible if the info on this thread is not 100% accurate! This thread is fueled by the community and its experiences with obtaining staff heads. I am not a head collector. Most, if not all, of these are not my own findings.
  2. JustinGuy heads dont exist, They left before there was player heads
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  3. added
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  4. And just checked Hashhog has heads out there, as i have one in storage
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  5. grmble grumble where is the former staff section grumble grumble
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  6. There are 10 Anonreturns heads out there

    and FDNY did sell his heads for 250k I am not sure if they still do.
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  7. My heads are now 200,000r (blame the inflation).
    To fix the spoilers, select the spoiler tags ("["spoiler=lalala"]" and "["/spoiler"]") and click on the eraser next to "Font Family" in the text tools box.
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  8. Hash still had heads for sale at 49999 in the museum... or was that mausoleum...
  9. she gives them out at specialm events i have 3 of them.
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  10. I sell my a red variant of my head for 500k.
    The normal green one is still the same.
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  11. Just removed the spoiler altogether, also moved ItsMeMatheus from retired SS to normal SS
  12. :p
  13. There are now 13 of my Halloween Heads out in circulation ^_~*
  14. added
  15. Will you be adding known staff alts to this head thread?
    My alt AncientHalloween has 13 heads in circulation from this giveaway.
  16. Sure, adding shortly
  17. If you have time you should come to smp7 to +bird (it's the main spawn point on the res) and wonder around outside the shop and see the staff heads I have. I have a few special ones of Skele's and a few others. Curious to know what the total cost combined for all of them would be even though I am collecting and NOT selling.
  18. Cool!
    The info for Slvr should be between quotes, though, as now it looks like you're saying what she's seemingly said.
  19. As do I.
  20. I also charge 5k Brexit tax for my head (on top of the 10k).
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