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  1. Well talking in the wild even after my gold runs out sounds like a fab addition to the Empire.
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  2. No, I hadn't tried to jump off yet, but while walking over the first bridge, I tried to walk off - and I could. :p
  3. Just wondering, were the resik lore rooms removed?
  4. Resik. Yes they were removed but as stated in the Op there are plans to Simply move them / add to that in another location.
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  5. Whoa whoa whoa, those were the prime days of EMC.
  6. You noobian (Star Wars reference) why did you post about chat update on the tutorial update thread?

    Gotta love the floating islands!!
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  7. Okay I'm going to share my opinions on this new tutorial.

    I thought most of the design was nice. Making the tutorial smaller is definitely a step up from the long previous tutorial. New players have to get right to the server and not spend too much time in a tutorial. Also in the fake town spawn area down below it was very nice to see player's creations being showed off. The builds in general, built for the tutorial or not for the tutorial, are all excellent and make the tutorial feel like a welcoming tutorial. However, I have issues with this tutorial I am going to address. I think this tutorial is a good tutorial, and everyone who worked on it did a great job, but it doesn't feel like an improvement over the previous. Going back to the quiz system did remind me of the old maze tutorial I joined on. I think the quiz system was sort of nostalgic for the older players in a way. One thing though I thought didn't help the old maze tutorial was that it wanted you to read the websites guide and it was almost a test. Yes it is a fair way to find who is going to be dedicated enough to the server, but that could have narrowed it down to a small number of people. You have to think, you are joining a server you haven't played before, and the tutorial tests you on the more specifics of it. Now that is the old maze one, this one isn't that bad. Most of the questions are easier than the maze if you go in with no knowledge and don't read the floating text. Although it still requires you to have some knowledge, which is placed in, as stated, the floating text. Now the floating text isn't the nicest either. My biggest complaint is how obnoxious it all feels. The text is fine and short but some of the text boxes are too close together in a way that you need to be in a front-on position to read them without them merging. The thing the previous tutorial had going for it was good because of its more solid colored backgrounds. Since this tutorial had so much more detail it also makes the floating text annoying to read. Really for people who are doing the tutorial to see the new tutorial and have already been on EMC for a bit, its fine, we don't really need to read the boxes. However for the newer players, they do, and that's where the tough part is, because I think they want to play more than they want to read, and unlike the previous tutorial which has more logical based questions like "Is it okay to cheat?", this one has more knowledge based questions like "What is the command to get a new assist compass" (I know not word for word).

    All in all I think its a fine tutorial. Great builds and great work by the people who created it. I found no bugs with the GUI and thought it was an interesting but not as effective way to asking questions. The best part this tutorial has going for it is its length. It is sad though that it doesn't, in my opinion, improve in any other way on the previous tutorial which I thought was a near perfect tutorial. Now none of this post is meant to attack anyone on EMC, don't take it that way or be someone who is like "If you didn't like it then why did you do it". I did like it, I just thought it was a downgrade from what EMC has before. I am just giving constructive criticism, and again have to give it to the team that created this tutorial because you always do great work.
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  8. Have the easter eggs already been relocated? edit: And can I get them if I already found the original 7?
  9. They have not been relocated as of now. We'll likely use new code, so you'll be able to claim them anew.
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  10. So while I was bored, I went through the tutorial. I have been noticing, the last few days, that when someone goes through it they have a ton of questions. So I decided to go see why they have so many questions. Over all I think the big issue is nobody is reading it, but that is my opinion. One thing I did see was the lack of telling people how to claim or find an open res. I may have missed it myself. I did see the area where it tells you how to get home while in the town servers, but didn't see where it tells you how to get a home.
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  11. When you walk into the "town" teleport, it usually gives you a res automatically.
  12. Ok, that makes sense. Forgot that it did that. Thank you.
  13. I've added info to help clarify this for people who enter the Frontier first. Thanks :)
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  14. Old post is old but still have a question for it. How do we go look at those cool builds? I want to go see those cool buildings. Is there a certain command? or what? Cause I wanna go explore those.
  15. If you are referring to the builds in the "Town" area. I believe they are all from town residences on the Empire.
    Otherwise, there is no way to view the builds up close - unless you use world downloader to open up in single player.
  16. Aww... well where are some of those builds? Cause that Asian temple looks pretty cool, and that sandstone thingy is pretty cool too. Should have an option for regular players that can do something like "/tutorial builds" or something to get teleported there to look at them. Or at least reference them somewhere.
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    I don't think I wrote down who built the Japanese temple since it was a last-minute change, so sorry to that person :p
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  17. Ahh figures they are on different servers. :p I rarely go to the other servers except for mining or stuff usually. Will have to check them out then. Thanks for the info.
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