[UPDATE] New Tutorial

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Btw. Next code deploy will add the question to each of the answer choices. That will improve the experience of the quizzes.

    Edit: We will get it changed soon. Just have to make changes with where the questions are stored.
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  2. Still waiting on those dragon tombs

  3. Careful, you might turn into Rip Van Winkle. Stop waiting, and live a little.
  4. See update progress on the sidebar for items being currently worked on. Posting this to every thread we have isnt getting anywhere when the answer is available to you. I can't do anything to speed up dragon tombs, but what I could do was get this released. Let's focus on what we are actively doing instead of casting shade.
  5. heh, wouldn't mind being him.
    Wasn't really casting shade on anything. I'm making a lighthearted joke. I'm sorry that it's 2017, here's to 2018.

    Good update though, I like it. I often take strolls around tutorial because I get bored often. I have nothing else to do.
  6. Besides the community voted on Empires first, but yea slow dev is slow dev, but at least the server is still chugging for now.
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  7. Can't wait for empires though, now THAT is gonna be an update to hold us all over. Genuine excitement! :D
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  8. YESSS!!!! So pumped for this. Thanks team lots!!!!!!!!:D
  9. Awesome!! Can't wait to go check it out!
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  10. I was too lazy to read any of that, but cool!
  11. This seems like a 12 says of Christmas, but with updates
  12. Just wait!!! No spoilers. But I know we have at least 2 surprises in store for the 12 days of Christmas. :D
    Our lips are sealed past that!

    Edit: thought of a third thing.

    Edit 2: I think all three may be a secret from the entirety of the staff team as well. So limited to SrStaff/Devs. So it shall be a jolly great time for all.
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  13. Yay!! I'm getting off work right now and on my way home! can't wait to stroll thru like a newbie all shiny and new. =D
    not only that.. we get goodies too! =D
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  14. Someone didn't read my status ;)
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  15. Oh so nice. Only been here for a few hunert days... but went and sought out the old tutorials for fun... and looking forward to exploring this new one! I hope the new players appreciate it... but i know i will. Thanks to all the staff... certain there was a lot of hard work involved and.. hopefully.. a little fun as well :)
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  16. Of course cogs in the server begin to turn when I'm away from home :confused: Looks great! :)
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  17. Also i believe all this new stuff... even the 12 days of Christmas... will be overshadowed greatly due to a certain magic number.... and i dont mean 3.
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  18. I agree! #500k
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  19. Hah! There is something greater than #500k coming too!

    edit: It too is magic!
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  20. Guess we'll have to start the phrase talk of the wild instead of talk of the town.
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