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  1. On behalf of the Staff Team, you are cordially invited to experience Empire Minecraft's brand new Tutorial! After multiple design changes, wording changes, tests, code changes, more tests, more design changes, quiz question selection, and countless hours of new player research, we hope that this one will be sticking around for a while.
    Type /tutorial and experience what we hope is a welcomed update to the Empire!

    The Concept Behind the Build
    The Tutorial is the first glimpse into the server that a player may see, aside from a marketing ad. Everyone wants to be impressed by a server's tutorial and it's normal to put emphasis on the oooh and aaah appeal. Afterall, it's a first impression we are talking about here and we want to look our best.

    A long time ago, Empire Minecraft had a maze tutorial, then we had an interactive tutorial, then an in-between rush tutorial, then the extremely detailed one we had just before this update (I'm sure I'm missing some in there somewhere). The point is that we've had our fair share. So the concept behind this tutorial has always been to take the best features of each of our previous tutorials and aim for a balance between good looks and functionality.

    We took the quiz focus from the maze tutorial, subtracted the ability to follow someone to the right answer (answers are even in randomized order), added the interactivity of a chest GUI quiz system, kept it straightforward and cut out the long paths, and iced it over with some awesome builds from our own community that really showcase EMC's features! For the quiz questions, we had YOU, the community, submit ideas of what you think a newbie might need to know, and some of those suggestions made it into the final build. The joint efforts of years past and the future join together in the final result.

    Starter Item System Overhaul
    In the past, this system was hard-coded and, after hours of fighting with it, we abandoned it for what we believe to be more useful. Utilizing our promo item system, we've created the New Player Pack. This auto-claiming chest will give you an entire single chest full of gear to get you started. We also took a look in the suggestion box and added the items that we believe needed to be included.

    That's right! We've added a Starter Hoe, Starter Bow, Starter Shield, arrows, seeds, and a water bucket to the previous list.

    Now don't go clamoring over new players trying to buy these off of them. Due to the system overhaul, and because we introduced new items, this is available to EVERYONE with /promo newplayer. (yes, this likely affects the Starter Item market, but they aren't meant to be hoarded anyway)

    The new player messages have received a bit of a clean-up as well, and now mention this as the way to obtain the items.

    Tutorial Bonuses
    By completing the tutorial, even if you've already done so, you'll be awarded for correct answers to the quiz questions throughout. You will not receive the final bonus though, as it has no quiz questions, so only new players get that. We chose to remove the easter eggs and look into putting them into other places, such as the Games server, due to both not wanting to derail the purpose of the tutorial, and simplicity. More coming on that later.

    If something is acting up, please let me know. This update is very difficult to test due to some modifications on stage that prevent normal issues, but limit testing ability for our tutorial rewards system.

    *Special thanks to AlexC__, EvilToade, and chickeneer, whose specific contributions helped to make this a reality.*
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  2. h*ck yes, only been several years
  3. Oh this sounds amazing
  4. New easter eggs too?
  5. :D You get an update, and you get an update, and you too! Updates all round
  6. Awesome!! This will gain much attention from new players...
  7. Second Island -> Chat -> "Economy channel" (needs to be changed to "Market channel")
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  8. Awesome news!

    It's a little late for me right now (time of writing, past my bedtime :D ) but I'm definitely going to give it a critical test drive tomorrow to experience it for myself :)
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  9. This would've been real nice if I'd joined 17 days later, there was so much to read about the custom mobs I kinda forgot what I was doing. I read all of it cause I was worried I was going to be quizzed on the custom mobs
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  10. Feel free to take the new tutorial instead. You'll get a nice little rupee bonus of 1k to help ya out too.
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  11. Excellent c:
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  12. That's what happens when Aikar makes a change while an update is already pending...
  13. Thank you! I think that this will greatly benefit new players joining the community. =D
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  14. I remember joining and wondering why a couple things in there would be inaccurate (like Maxarias still being the billing manager). Yay!
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  15. New games server easter eggs? *ears perk up*
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