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  1. That's right! Solstice is on the 21st this year! :D Whooot!!

  2. Good! Let's hope this one will prove to be good on multiple aspects, and won't have to be replaced anytime soon. :p
    I'm hoping to check it out!
  3. Just went through it. It better then I could have ever thought. Big props to all the staff and everyone who made this :D.
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  4. Nice. Got a few bonus rupees by completing the quiz questions, thanks!
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  5. When you're still traumatized from the sandstone maze tutorial
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  6. awesome tutorial!

    and thx for the new starter gear! im really happy with that! i used my starters gear b4 some1 told me that normal gear is best and they gave me dia armor. i kept my starters gear but its damaged, and i really like 2 collect gear so now i got a complete set again (got starters gear, voters gear, marlix gear & 100k gear! :cool:).
  7. It was kind of exciting to me, although I felt really bad when I answered a question wrong. :p
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  8. Mhm... I think I have been through all of the tutorials now again... Neat :)
    This one defenetly is a lot simpeler, neat, the landscapinf can use some improvements though (You know my hate for vanilla trees...)
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  9. So yeah... Time for a Shell review because I really enjoyed myself here. This place is amazing, and maybe even much more than you might realize at first glimpse. But we found out! <mwua ha ha haha>:D

    I really think this tutorial is one of the better versions out there. Although I definitely enjoyed the previous one you have to admit that it was a little long and in some cases maybe a bit too big. I dunno, I definitely thought it was a good tutorial (I enjoyed myself when I first took it) and having had the pleasure of visiting the old (maze) tutorial I also need to share that it was definitely an improvement.

    Play your way, I think it's awesome that you guys heavily push that forward because it's oh so true.

    Aya tagged along when I went through it (how surprising, eh? ;) ) and we had a fun time exploring and looking around. And of course also trying to find caveats.. did the staff really remove all easter eggs?

    Can't blame her for trying, the questions are very hard! ;)

    Speaking of said questions: we noticed the randomized positions of the answers, and that's cool! Of course it almost made Aya answer that Swearing is perfectly allowed on the Empire, but luckily she didn't :eek:. We are disappointed though that you shouldn't ask staff for an Empire assistant, that's so much more fun than that boring /assist new command :D (just kidding guys!).

    When looking around something caught our eyes....

    For a moment we even (briefly) wondered: were we by any chance simply waay up in the sky above SMP2? Can't be, there should be a tardis near the town spawn. But then again, if a tardis is bigger on the inside than on the outside, why couldn't we be in some kind of alternate SMP2 reality?

    I do have one comment about the questions though but... Just a comment, I think it's a non-issue because many players have already made it out alive. However, sometimes it can be hard to read the questions, even if you do use a small GUI scale (depending on your screen resolution I think).

    I play with a normal GUI scale and a default game window dimension (854x480) and sometimes that can become tricky ;)

    This is obviously expected behavior.

    Although the above is what you can expect, it also made it a little bit difficult for me.

    The reason I share this? Because that's what I do with a review, I don't just focus on the good points and ignore everything else. When I do write-ups like these I try to go all the way :)

    But the tutorial is amazing! A few islands and you more or less know up front what you're getting yourself into.

    <innocent whistling here>

    And then it happened!


    This is not a glitch! This is me "cheating" a little bit. If it wasn't for you guys clearly stating how testing on STAGE was a bit tricky I might have been persuaded to do a mild bit of trolling / teasing, but I don't think that's appropriate right now.

    I may or may not have downloaded the whole thing, temporarily dumped it onto my server in order for us to try and discover what was below the tutorial. We did try to break through in the official tutorial itself and kinda failed. I didn't try to look for caveats in this copied world because... I actually enjoy playing an honest game. We're going to save our futile attempts for the Empire (Aya tried with chorus fruit, and we're also wondering if we might be able to somehow reach this through shopworld).

    But yeah... This is why I mentioned above that there was more to this tutorial than meets the eye at first ;)

    We looked around town and found many amazing buildings here. Some are truly works of art, and I think it's a bit of a shame that they don't seem to be accessible. Of course... I could be missing something here ;)

    See, unlike the town "simulation" in the previous tutorial these buildings aren't just decorations, they're fully set up with an inside and all sorts of places to discover.

    I caught your secret guys! ;)

    And some stuff is seriously detailed and complete... Pictures courtesy of Aya:

    I have no idea what kind of building this is ;)

    Hey, it's true! Just look at these pictures ;)

    We (well, Aya ;) ) discovered that this world is a bit comparable to shopworld, where a small area is surrounded by a mountain range and all sorts of things can be found below.

    There are town spawn buildings to be found here (but without the underlying flagshop), there's a building from the old tutorial (which can still be visited in shopworld) oh what the heck... this post is filled with pictures anyway ;)

    And you can even get on top of the balloons (with a little help) :p

    So yeah... this tutorial is amazing, for more than one reason ;)
  10. It's cool and much more linear.

    It's hard to find a balance with tutorials. To me, I feel like there's too much reading. I naturally go to tl;dr mode and answer the questions that seem to make sense.
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  11. Lol, you might want to spend some time on the other SMPs then. :pEach of those builds is that detailed because they were lifted directly off of the server for our town mockup. EMC players built them, not us. It's not meant to be accessible, just pretty and a representation of the plot system.

    EDIT: I tried to swing getting the TARDIS in, but AlexC__ said no. :eek:
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  12. Is there anyway I can still see the old one? Cool though!
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  13. The old one is now out of date regarding information presented, so we have removed access.
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  14. Aw man I liked that one
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  15. Nice
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  16. Very nice. As I crossed over the bridges I enjoyed the views off the sides to the town and the wilds... almost expected to catch a glimpse of the walls of Eternia out there in the mists...

    Have now updated the Starter Gear exhibit to include the latest release, taking us to the 8th version, i would guess for a long while now...

  17. Yay, the starter bow was added! I remember suggesting that a long time ago! Can't wait to grab up the new promo
  18. On ps: "There are 25+ setting you can change". Should be 'settings', I think. :)
    And are you supposed to be able to stand here? :p
  19. Lol, did you follow the wall to see if we missed a spot?
    And yeah, should be settings. We'll look into fixing.
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