[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. I am not aware of anything like this. Will add to my todo list to check out though.
  2. Could this be due to the TPS lag perhaps?
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  3. I think thats a possibility. Fishing on utopia yesterday was very slow.. but was fine on smp6
  4. Tagging onto hoppers, I've found that cacti won't break mine carts. I've been well out of the loop for a while so this might be a problem with res perms or something.
  5. Hmm...I havnt seen a single post about the 1.16 update except the annoying broadcast intermittently about "This one will be much faster we promise."

    Could we get an update on the progress? How close are we? What are the problems, is there any problems? Q&A?

    If there is a whole thread about 1.16 that I cant be able to find, Im sorry.
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  6. I am not sure where we have posted publicly about the update.
    It is actually close. We were waiting for Mojang to drop 1.16.2 - which they did last week. There are a couple of world conversion problems that are still needing to be solved at the server level. But in general, most of the updating process is complete. I have a working 1.16.1 server with minimal outstanding issues. There is still no ETA though. We will give a warning for the "Wastelands reset" which will come with the update.
  7. Has a solution been worked out for bringing Zoglins to EMC or are we not going to have them?
  8. There is no plan to include anything special for Zoglins at the time of the update.
  9. I have noticed that TNT's explosions don't do as much as they have before and no longer chaining either. From what I've heard it was due to lag and possibly griefing. But from what I know build mode placed blocks can't be damaged by TNT and the lag has been lessened since this happened.

    Is there a chance TNT will be restored to how it was? I have high hopes due to the fact I like to blast mine but with it lessened in such a way it doesn't make it as effective for such things.
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  10. Kiku, TNT has also been modified so that it does not destroy ores, granite, andesite nor diorite. Yes, it is a pain to work with in its "neutered" state, but I do believe that you "hit the nail on the head" as to "why" it's behavior was changed. --- I do not think that its behavior will be changed back to the way it behaves in vanilla Minecraft, but I could be wrong. I will let a staff member give the definitive answer instead of me speaking for them. :)
  11. To add onto what Chicken said, we'll see about improving things eventually. Well prob be able to drop our nether portal restriction now as I finally fixed the dupes around that.
  12. I am aware it doesn't destroy ores on EMC, which is why I have always loved blast mining. It has been a very effective way of mining for me and many others. From what I've heard the issues linked to it have been fixed for the most part so I have hopes it will return to how it behaved in the past.

    I along with many others use blast mining as their regular way to mine, so having the blasts lessened and the chaining removed removes the effectiveness of it, which I am sure I'm not the only one is disappointed to see happen.
  13. To be honest, "chain blasting" being disabled isn't what bothers me, it's the fact that diorite, granite, and andesite are now almost blastproof. I know in vanilla Minecraft they are not even close to being blastproof. That's what truly bothers me. --- I have no idea why their blast resistance was changed. :\
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  14. The chaining is part of what made it work as efficiently as it was, so I do care about that a bit. But the explosions seemed to have also lessened. I do agree that the granite, diorite, and andesite don't make much sense to be blast proof since it's common and dropped just like stone and dirt before.
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  15. Sweet, looking forward to the update. I was hoping for u to start a formal thread, since we mere mortals arent allowed to in this part of the forum.

    I think there is a lot of questions about the upcoming update. A nice Q&A like with the last update thread would be lovely.
  16. Agreed. :p
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