[UPDATE] Appeal System Upgrades

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  1. That's so me at times :D and I'm so stealing these StoneSky. :p
  2. Fixed grammar/spelling mistakes. That's what happens when you let a foreign hamster type.
  3. AKA 'how the rest of the world spells it' lol.
    Because we stole it off the French.

    You should be glad England got invaded and its Anglo-Saxon population (who slaughtered most of the native Celtic Briton population earlier too so it's all good I guess?) mostly slaughtered by the Normans in 1066 otherwise we'd sound a lot more German and thus would sound really angry whenever we open our mouths to speak. .____.
  4. JackBiggin is from the UK so he spelled it differently :D
  5. That sounds pretty awesome actually ;D
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  6. A nice upgrade that I hope I never have the opportunity to appreciate.
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  7. Only on emc could a forum post announcing a ban appeal system degrade into an argument over the English language.
    -Dialect: "a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group"
    -English has 30 dialects most with at least some varying and equally valid pronunciation, spelling, and slang.
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  8. It looks really good :) Well done!
    But, I believe keeping the English spelling would have been better, as the British English spelling came before the American English (I believe).
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  9. Lookin' good, Jack!

    Can we expect you to make the next Empire logo? :p
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  10. [/SIZE]
    This is completely obsolete now :p
    Edit: not even bothering fixing that up, it's getting bugged really quickly when copying things including different sizes, fonts and pictures.. \_(ツ)_/
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  11. = Default Server for New Players

    Welcome to the club
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  12. Yeah, Krysyy, we understand you like the star, but it doesn't serve a function right now :p
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  13. ...that wasn't intentionally rolled out >_>
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  14. There's more than 30 dialects in the UK alone (there's literally a different dialect and accent in each and every town) so I think that's wildly inaccurate lol
  15. I give Hamster tools. Hamster does cool things. Such a good Hamster.

    For all you other devs that like to integrate back to EMC, yes that API jack is using is free to use publicly :)
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  16. We should start putting the hamster into a wheel to power EMC servers. That'll replace the lost $ from buying rupees.
    Who even bought rupees anyway? ;p
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  17. You using the word "snazzier" made my day :D
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  18. "punishment for so that we can check some the details". :p
  19. It was fixed after the pic went up.
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