[UPDATE] Appeal System Upgrades

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  1. Man, the OP's message doesn't really get across the way it's supposed to when I just kinda skim through it.
  2. Thanks. Maybe if I ever logged in with another account I would have thought of looking up there.
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  3. You mean a United States server since the U in United States has a consonant sound. Also, just because something is US based doesn't mean international people are incorrect when using their spelling on said server.
  4. So far, I have never appealed. I hope it stays that way for a couple more years! :D
  5. Whoops. And I believe it does. It is incorrect in our country which makes it incorrect for its respected server
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  6. so wut? i live in the US and sure thanks to our teaching i dont feel as though its correct but you must remember, America is based on Freedom of speech, and if you go further back, most of the imagrants of the US were from the UK, they are technically the correct ones since our way of speech is an altered form of their's, so by all accounts you are incorrect Stone ;)
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  7. This is awesome I can finally check this out on theomglover3rd!

  8. Empire Minecraft the only server that can teach you American English any day.
  9. English is english, its a matter of if you use a devolved form of it or not :p , American english is just a devolved form of the UK English, why? Us americans are lazy lol, over the years we've even gone from saying "good morning" and such to just a simple nod of the head lol, instead of "whats up?" its now just "sup?" so when it comes to English there is not any "good" or "wrong" ways for it lol.

    [EDIT] Also, what yer saying is if its not spelled the same then its not american english, what bout down in the byou where the english is somewhat muddled quit a bit and its a touch hard ta understand? Is that not "american english" as well? (a penny for your thoughts :) )
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  10. Come on, stop the talk about the "s" or the "z", do you really want to have someone say "Okay. You were right." before you move on? >.>

    Anyway, looks nice! Perhaps I'll visit it every now and then when in need of good news :rolleyes:
  11. As 607 said, it is time to put a stop to it and this shall be my last post.

    The question you are imposing on me is called slang.
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  12. Anyone wanna let me know why I see this? Lol

    EDIT: The other one gives me this lol

  13. Test page always displays the krysyy one if you're accessing that, and I think the second one shows the ICC one. Can you open JS console and see who's data is being accessed if you're being told you're banned if you're not on the live version please.

  14. This is what I get when I go there. *blushes*
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  15. That has grammar/spelling mistakes - I would never ever include them in a page. ;)
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  16. Oh yeah? Name 27.
  17. I name him Kevin.
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  18. The page looks much cleaner now. Nice upgrade! :)
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