The old empire

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  1. I joined January 15 2012. When I joined, we had /animal purchase sheep. That was the best command ever. I wish we still had it :( if you are a member of at least 300 days or know someone who is, post and share your favorite thing about the old empire. Let's share some memories, friends.
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  2. Wasn't that before Egging though? Making it the only way you could get the animals?
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  3. Yup. That was awesome. :)
  4. I remember when SMP 3 was 60/60 all the time. When diamonds were 30r.
  5. Loved that :) I remember when there were only three servers and there were no iron farms, diamonds were 30, and we had the only wild reset in EMC history :)
  6. Does 289 days count? please?
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  7. Yep. I joined the 29th I think. I was new to minecraft and built very ugly buildings. First was a wool shop. Then was a large floating shop. Then I rethought my way of building.
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  8. Sure. :)
  9. =)
    I remember when PThag, happyshopper, and kells were still here... =(
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  10. Me too. I built a dirt house, literally the most epic house I ever built, it was awesome to me, and I wish I hadn't torn it down. It had a tree farm with mushrooms in too, then my friends put obsidian in front of the door... Then I bought end stone and placed it in my house... With no stone or iron or diamond pick. Funniest night ever. :)
  11. I just had a mind-blown moment, that yes, i have been on almost this long.. :confused:
  12. I remember making my first 100k off of hotels before they added all of the other SMPs, and there was a housing crisis.
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  13. Nice sneeker. Very nice. I had a hotel that was very low income lol. Hated it.
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  14. I remember the Original Twin Towers in the Wild... :)
    I also remember the Empire Pool!
  15. They were good people that did bad things. I was friends with Happy and PTh but they decided to go to the darkside. Never stuck around to see Kells banned. I joined on my birthday so ya.
  16. Hotels were all the rage before the other SMPs came out, since there were not enough residences. I had about fifteen people on my lot at the bar minimum, for 100r per a day, lol. The highest I got was I think In the high thirties.
  17. I remember the days when everyone and there mother had a casino
  18. I remember the days where we bought sheep from stores...And then we had to walk them back to our res with wheat.
    Good times...There were even agencies that walked them for you.
  19. I remember when wool was worth more than diamonds.
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  20. I remember also when people thought having 2k made you rich.